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RE: The Hive Engagement League 🏆

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Wow! Thanks a lot @abh12345 for acknowledging me again. I'm just sad that I couldn't make it past that Number 9 Spot. But Imma definitely get pass it one day.😇

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Next time, I can feel it :)

Really, Next time? Thank you so much, Man.

I believe it!

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Just wait. This is my first time winning... And I won after the spam war... Yes!!!! I can die happy

Hehehe😂 Man, You crazy, Indeed you can die happy ofcourse.

I bet that spam war was a success afterall.

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Everything was. The mass muting of it. The tribes... And all of it's turning out just fine.

And of course me?.dog time. And have a great life and not sweating the small.stuff. I been through things before and things will arise again.

But it's how you manage them.

Cheers from me and dog.

🌿🥂🍻 Cheers to that, man.


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Big congrats, Man.

I'm highly proud of you.

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I can't wait until you hit number one! Keep talking with people and engaging them I know you can do it!

You better wait.
Sure, Imma keep doing what I do. Thanks for the motivation and super advise. I am grateful.

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