Powering Up $HIVE to Aliento - HPUD

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Hey Hivers, LeoFinancers (Is that even a word?) and community in general!

Today I'm thrilled because the HPUD has arrived, and I've been saving some HIVE for this occasion. As I said in the last post about this, which was published from @aliento, I need to sell some Hive to cover some expenses, but I'm going to power up as much as possible.


I'm not going to power up to this account though, as a matter of fact, I'm powering down @eddiespino to have enough Hive for the delegators and to power up the rest to @aliento. And as I already have a post planned for @aliento for tomorrow morning, I'm making the Power Up post here.

I decided to power up 500 HIVE






As I'm writing this post, @aliento is the only one with the @hivebuzz badge.


I know it's not a lot of HIVE, well considering the current price, it may be... If I do not need to sell a lot, I will Power Up more in the upcoming days, or even today, but I can't promise anything. Of course, this is not financial advice. I wish you all a lot of success in the future crypto wars.

To finish this posts, some stats:


Looks like HIVE is pumping!





@Aliento Project FTW!

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How many hives is that, what is that number??? Why is the comma in the wrong place? Is that 32 million HIVE, wow! Sick!!

I powered up 1,000 HIVE in total. Some countries use commas and dots differently. 32 million? Nah, I got like 18K HP on this account.

Wow 500 power up! good for you Eddie, I just made 10 but with that I already have my little bee, let's see if next month I can make a bigger one.

Thank you, @gr33nm4aster! I may power up a little bit more, but who knows, it depends on how the Hive market behaves.

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Great job leading by example! It is understandable to need to liquidate now and again in these difficult times.

Appreciate your work with @theycallmedan, @traciyork and everyone that is involved in the monthly HIVE Power Up Day (HP) initiative. ¡Buena cosa!

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Thank you, @sgt-dan! I actually have a few sell orders for Hive if it reached 1.00USD, and I can repurchase it cheaper. But that can take some time, and if I get impatient, I may cancel the sell orders and only sell a bit and power up the rest today.


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Check out the last post from @hivebuzz:

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That’s amazing
Power up has become a monthly celebration now.
I have been participating from last few months and powered up 107% this time.