How much is enough?

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It's good to be back after a weekend of visiting family. I always tell myself I'll write some blog posts while I'm on the road but the chance of actually doing it is much lower than expectations.


In any case, the question I would pose today is: How much money is enough? No matter where I look everyone just wants more more moar. The infinite greed is real, and it hits every sector of the economy simultaneously.

Ironically this is especially true in cryptocurrency, a sector that claims it will one day level the playing field and eliminate all the problems associated with greed in the legacy economy. Unfortunately no one seems to actually practice what they preach. 99% of the devs I've seen are much more concerned with how they will extract value from their work rather than just trying to build something cool.

Greed scales better than not.

There's a real and obvious reason why open-source tech has never taken off despite being superior to the closed-source proprietary alternatives. People have wants and needs. Can't pay the bills with sticks and stones.

Only a fool thinks he can solve the world's problems.

Even if we give everything we have and more as individuals, the world's problems will still remain long after we are gone. In fact, as we can see from this Parable, more harm has been done than good from the suicide that was organ donation. Had this person simply stayed the course and made even more money, perhaps that would have mitigated more suffering than simply giving up on life.

And so we see that greed scales and generosity does not.

Because generosity is unsustainable, but greed can feed into itself for generations and even create entire dynasties. The ironic thing about crypto is that we have solved this problem, but the world doesn't seem to realize it yet and continues to implement and adapt the old systems to its own detriment.

Crypto financially incentivizes generosity.

It does not do this automatically, but rather with extremely careful planning and precision. Much like positive reinforcement is much more difficult to implement than negative reinforcement (imperialism), so to is generosity much more difficult to incentivize when compared to greed.

So we find ourselves in this extremely awkward transitionary phase in humanity where no one seems to know what they are doing. Fake it till you make it, amirite? However, we've been provided all the tools required to get to where we need to be. We "simply" have to master those tools and create the templates required to get there.

We've already seen the opening acts of some of these things playing out. Communities are getting forged via airdrops. In the future, millions of people will be gifted billions of dollars simply for paying attention during the rise of the attention economy. The Uniswap airdrop was a defining moment in all of this. Getting over $2000 (now worth $10000) for 'free' was an obvious turning point for the entire industry.

These strategies and business models for creating communities and entire economies can not be copied by the legacy system. Why? Because the legacy system absolutely depends on centralized control and the flow of money constantly being channeled up to the top of the pyramid. It is not sustainable to give every user $2000-$10000 just for existing. Meanwhile, it very much is sustainable to do this within a revolutionary system of decentralized value production. Again, generosity can be monetized within the new system, whereas it absolutely can not in the old one.

Don't give someone a fish: Teach them to fish.

And airdrops are clearly in line with giving someone a fish (or even killing oneself to donate the organs). The real value comes from the jobs and constant passive income streams that can be utilized by these new communities. If I'm being honest we really haven't even scratched the surface in this department so it might be a bit premature to even talk about it. Get paid to ______.


So back to the question:

How much is enough?

I'm seeing people complain recently about Bitcoin gaining a little bit of dominance back. Bitcoin goes up 4% and alts fall 4% and it's the end of the world all over again? Seriously are these people going to just keep doing this until the end of time? The answer is definitively: yes. Even rich people live in constant scarcity; living in abundance is difficult even when the abundance is readily available. It takes a level of discipline that most people simply do not and will never have. This is an unfortunate reality. It is what it is.

For me being in the six figures range money has already pretty much lost all meaning in terms of me as an individual. A scrapper like me with that much money can get a lot done. All I need to do is to have a bit more assurances that the market can't tank from here. It will take a mega-bubble at the end of the year to solidify the range we are in now.

In terms of an individual I am doing just fine. However, in terms of a business owner and/or as a philanthropist looking to enrich the lives of those around me: no amount of money is enough. From this perspective, this isn't a matter of greed, but rather resources to empower communities. There is no limit to the value we can create and the investments that can be done in the future.

Root of all evil.

It's important to realize that money itself isn't evil, but rather a tool that can be used for a full spectrum of utility. The love of money (greed) is where we get into trouble, but as I have described above, even that is often a necessary evil required to scale up society.


At the end of all of this we're going to be forced to take an introspective look at the darkest recesses of society. We reap what we sow, and when the future is founded on transparency, many aren't going to like what they see.

How much is enough?
What is the value of purity and cleansing this toxic environment?
Obviously the cost is too high or we would have done it already.

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Interestingly depressing video on sacrificing yourself to save the world, but the exaggerated point is based on reality. A single person can't spend enough or give enough, but a system can harness and endless supply of money, and that system can do good, perhaps even change the world.

The biggest problems we face are understanding how crypto works, and then adjusting our thinking to understand how we can use this system to everyone's benefit. The scarcity mentality of the legacy economy created a technologically advanced dog eat dog world. We need to evolve past that, even here in the land of the enlightened, some of our attitudes and behaviors are shaped by our lives in the legacy economy.

Then we will understand that we don't have to hoard, because there will always be more. Its okay to share because there will always be more.

We are somewhat like the jews in the dessert hoarding mana.We understand, but still can't grasp that mana comes everyday.

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I enjoyed reading this. I think we do not know how much is enough. Even when we know. Few years ago I had a plan on how to live without working if I make £120.000. Now, with much more, I am still living the same life like before, with even more work, I would say.

There is this indian concept called Aparigrapha, if I spell it corectly (probably I didn't) which says something like this:

Aparigraha-sthairye janma-kathamtaa-sambodhah. Yoga Sutras 2.39

Becoming established in non-greediness gives you knowledge of the how and why of birth (your own, others’, and the world’s).

Basically a phylosophical vision of not being greedy. You reminded me of these Yoga principles called Yama and Nyama. I think I will read once more about it.

So, thanks for inspiration.

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So much pain in this world caused by the greed of actually just a few ultra-greedy creatures, is it any wonder that the original sins of the triumverate that run the world from between its contours have been passed down onto the rest of us? We are greedy because we have been abused and deprived of our true inherent values just for existing.

For the creatures that rule the world, do you think that merely existing enough for them? No, I think their rapacious appetites can only be explained by pits of nothing that are at the roots of all of them. They have to suck the world out of the world to give themselves any semblance of any meaning and then, when they are alone in the cinders of the world, maybe then they will be confronted with just their existance and what that actually means.

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Now I also want to read them. I hope the English translation does it justice.

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I don't know what would be considered enough but I guess being financially independent would be fine for me. If I can do whatever I want then I don't really care as much.

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A worthy goal for sure.

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What is "enough" ? Not in my vocabulary.

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--Said every whale ever.

I love your focus.

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The fact is that man is insatiable and this is why greed easily creeps in. Contentment is the key here.

True, contentment and gratitude. I think that whenever we feel like we deserve more we should pause to be grateful for what we have, and for a moment contentment may find us. :)

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I've honestly been thinking about this so much... how much is enough to retire... if I can retire what do I want to spend my time doing? If I want to run a business, how much do I need for that? It honestly feels like just constantly going in circles.

I think at the end of the day, you'll always spend what you have because we're all just idiots.

True, a big part of the conversation about retiring at 40 surrounds not retiring but doing what you really want to do, without regard to how much it pays you.

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It's important to realize that money itself isn't evil, but rather a tool that can be used for a full spectrum of utility. The love of money (greed) is where we get into trouble, but as I have described above, even that is often a necessary evil required to scale up society.

This is just how to sum it all off, in reality we cannot totally say the love of money is totally bad, because if that aspect wasn't to be there, don't you think the definition of wealth, status and power might be redefined? Of course I seriously think so.

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True, the desire to accumulate money may overlay a desire to build schools, hospitals, orphanages, etc...

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Scarcity mindset is a damn powerful construct. Crypto promises an age of abundance at some point in the future but in the here and now everybody’s still seeing bare shelves. I’m guessing that even after abundance kicks in, there will be a transitional period during which the old mindset will remain in force even under the new conditions. A starving man confronted with an endless buffet will stuff himself until he can eat no more and then fill his pockets with food.

re tillGood point about scarcity mindset. Its not something we can take off like our dirty clothes. We have to unlearn it through some type of behavioral modification. Preferably one which doesn't involve government re-education camps!

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I don't know if I can put an exact number on it. I would rather have a lot of streams of passive income I think versus trying to attain one big number. I think ideally what I want is to be able to tell my wife yes when she wants to do something big. Like remodel the bathroom. I want to be able to say, you bet without having to worry about where the money is going to come from or how big of a loan I am going to have to take out to pay for it. That is the other thing. I don't want to ever have to take on debt again. Sure, maybe I will have a mortgage, but beyond that, I don't want to be beholden to anyone.

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Good points, there are always unexpected expenses.

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I'm good. I don't need anything else.

I think I’m economics it’s referred to as Human wants being insatiable. We always naturally want more.

insatiable...strong emotion that is...


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Let us not forget the legacy system was designed this way. Greed is encouraged and at one point glorified in the media. People can change. Systems can change. Human nature…maybe??

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Self-sacrifice in the name of humanity seems like a desperate solution actually. The world is too big to move because of a small ripple created by one single human. It can move if that human can move other millions of humans towards the same purpose goal. This can be used for evil or good purposes as history has shown. But I agree with you on learning people how to fish instead of handing out bags of goodies.
The abundance mentality is a discipline, you were spot on on that. When people will understand that the Universe has plenty for all then things will shift. Of course that a person living in absolute poverty and war will raise their brows when hearing about the Universe being so abundant as they lack the environment and mental habit to get out of their physical reality.

Good morning from this end.
What a good piece to start my day.
I ponder through the same thing some times and i have come to the conclusion that human need can never be satisfied. We always want more, take it this way. That you eat the most wonderful and mouth watering delicacy today does not mean the taste for it is quenched. U did definitely want more.

Even if we give everything we have and more as individuals, the world's problems will still remain long after we are gone

This really got me, should i say it the way the supreme designer designed the world to be? No matter how much one thinks he or she can give, the fact remains that we did always demand more its just our nature. My best beat here is do what is right and best then, leave rest for the next generation and most importantly do your best to share your knowledge for u did be remembered for it long after you are gone.

So glad to be back

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I believe putting everything in your best is enough than just for the money

I've stopped understanding crypto. I never managed to use it enough to get the hang of wallets, addresses, sending, receiving, etc. I don't even grasp the common lingo anymore (I think "moon" was the last crypto term I learned, and I find they're all just new and dumber ways of saying the same stuff). But reading articles now is hard for me. It's like they're not in my language anymore. I guess my brain is aging, at the same time as all this is getting more complicated, and at some point it became less relevant to me. Also, I don't have real life friends into it to discuss it with and learn from. Nor do I have any time when I'm online to be chatting, and meeting people who use crypto. I'm alone in this and considering how the world is becoming that doesn't appear about to change. I think once BTC breaks to new highs this quarter I'm going to retire (undefeated) with my long term predictions.
Anyway it's nothing personal and I still enjoyed your post.

I read a view on twitter the other day (the source of all wisdom!) that the jump in wealth to being free from work is the important one. And that risking that position for further riches brings less joy for the risk.

That would be my definition of enough. Enough not to work or to work only on the things that you enjoy.

Wow! This is the best I've read in the last month! How do you want to read such reading every day ...
I will subscribe to every word you write! Keep writing, now there are so few good texts written from the heart!

Of course crypto will make the same mistakes the societies before all did and even worse. Great! The tech allows unlimited decentralized and reboot, fork, destroy, create and distribute again and again until we finally stop failing - probably the day we die?

I have posts of 0 likes & rewards. Is that enough? 😅

99% of the devs I've seen are much more concerned with how they will extract value from their work rather than just trying to build something cool.

Same in Hive. I vote posts I find interesting. A lot of people I think they vote in order to have more money back.

For me I don't there is any specific amount that you get to and say is enough, that you don't want to make more money anymore.

Greedy aside, the day you stop moving forward and adding more value to yourself is the day you start dying in my opinion.

the best thing to do is to be contented with the profit you have seen take some off, to pay bill and all, then keep making more money.

Interesting paradox - you may be indefenitely greedy, but you don't whant ALL the money, cos currency that is in only one hands is totally useless. To be richer we must have more stuff on the same money, not more money on the same stuff

No one in crypto leveled the playing field. Bitcoin was a resolution to the liquidity crisis and now that the liquidity isn't controlled by central exchanged we can begin having discussions about leveling the playing field. It gave us sovereignty over our currency, that didn't level anything if we are just storing wealth here.

Go read the Bitcoin Whitepaper please.

True, Bitcoin is not a cure for mankind's ills, it is a tool to improve our condition and that of the people around us, if...used...correctly. But that's the tricky part.

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Lol just like CRISPR Gene editing technology if it's used right... Look wherever are now lol

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