What's Going On Hive Again And Again Break Market Price Level Next Target Price Is 2 Dollars

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This market and hive continue to give us some strength continue to go up in price.the market literally in hive is willing to hold its price above 1.2 dollar.the market in hive was bumping its head against price level and we broke it we've been testing it as a port and we're still rising up to higher prices .
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One reason why we're looking for the price and hive to continue to go up.it's relatively simple you know the market speaks with this dollar. the market is telling us it wants to continue to go up in price and hive you all can see on the daily perspective is you know the trend is still intact and hive the market is still showing the price is going to go up .

We're still following the current trend which is higher price. this market and hive wants to continue to go up in price. you think the market is going to go do you think it's going to get 1.25 dollars where the market in hive is going to get hit restriction .
It's going to be a little bit lower 1.2 dollar. i'm seeing price would be stopped from going up.i'm still expecting the price and hive to go up this is still a very strong market in hive.

I mean we're not seeing any indication of weakness in hive it's a very positive sign people want the price to go up in hive. we saw a very good spread and we close on the high of the bar tells us this market is still trying to go up in price. we saw the market in hive come when all the selling came in over the last week.

The market was still able to overcome.the market and was able to lift the price up towards the high of the bar. why the market in hive is going up.what do you think we need to do we're looking for the market to find his first batch of sellers around particular price.
The price is still showing us the market wants to go well it might even make all-time highs. this market is trying to go up all we're going to continue to play the strength into the market in hive.

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