Why Do You Invest In Hive?

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A question any responsible investor should always ask and reevaluate is why to invest and/or stay invested in a certain asset. If you have any Hive power, liquid Hive, or HBD you are an investor in Hive, regardless how you obtained these assets. Hive investor is not the only ones who bought Hive using their fiat currencies. Because the method of obtaining or accumulating Hive assets doesn't matter, when each and every one of your/us can sell it at any point of time.

Of course investments can be of various kind. Some use their money, some use their time, some use their skills. But the type of investment I would like to talk about asking about is the financial one. Why do you invest in Hive financially?

You will rarely see me telling people to buy Hive assets. At the same time you will see me telling people to use Hive, as I see many benefits this decentralized network can provide to many people around the world.

This is an important question - why do yo invest in Hive? Answers differ for every one of us. Especially in a decentralized space everyone has different motivations, different goals.

Before I ask you this, I also would like to share my own answer and see how they compare to yours. And these answers are not fixed and change from time to time depending on various conditions.

I have never sold a single Hive. Never cashed out to fiat. However, I have sold Steem and converted to bitcoin. There are many reasons that I haven't sold Hive and remain invested in this coin and the network.

The idea of a decentralized network that can power social media apps is an interesting one. I have yet to see any strong efforts or competition in this space. If you know any please let me know. Just like bitcoin offers an alternative to traditional financial systems, Hive offers alternative to traditional social media. I do believe there is a huge market and need for that.

Hive is a working product. Anybody can implement the technology today. In fact, it is being used for social interactions and gaming already. That leads me to another important reason why I remain invested in Hive. It is the Hive apps and game builders.

Ecency by Good-karma and team is one of the oldest apps and community that have been building and contributing to Hive for a very long time. There is a strong long term commitment from them. I have no doubt they will be around for years to come.

Splinterlands, Hive-engine, etc. Works of Aggroed and Yabapmatt are also just amazing. I have not played the game myself yet. But the buzz around it in the crypto space even beyond Hive is amazing. Aggroed, while is a controversial figure in the Hive, has put in a lot of effort and shown long term commitment to the network many times. I remember the early days of minnow support efforts that had a big impact on the network. I haven't kept up with the latest on what minnow support does, but this community, team and individuals has give me a confidence on further innovative and creative thinking on Hive.

LeoFinance and Team! Absolutely amazing. Something that just started with a simple tribe concept became a huge network of finance and crypto hub, innovating in defi space, creating bridges among Hive and other blockchains. This is by far my favorite project. I have been using Leofinance interface for posting for a long time now. No doubt super skilled team in the leadership of Khal with a long term vision.

3Speak, Vimm and others are among the builders that continue innovating on Hive. It physically impossible to keep up with all the work that is being done on layer 2 on Hive blockchain. No doubt 3Speak with its video sharing platform and innovation to provide tools for any other apps to develop on top of decentralized system is amazing.

There are many more efforts, apps, and games are being build, used and played already. I think Hive projects has extensive list. These efforts show Hive is a interesting and potentially profitable investment to bet on.

On layer one level, many people like Blocktrades and team, Howo, GTG (The Hive Wizard), and many others continuously deliver improvements to the core code that makes Hive possible.

Tribes, communities, apps, developers, witnesses, authors, curators, and other participants continue dedicating their skills, time, money, and efforts to make Hive a success. This is why I continue being a Hive investor, and a participant of this network.

Among other reasons, I can list is using the network, believing in the future to be web3 that is being pioneered by Hive, passive income, active income, etc.

There are many smart people who are involved on Hive who have a vision to deliver something that can be beneficial for all. While I can't contribute much myself, I can see there are many working and building on Hive making my investment a meaningful and potentially super profitable one.

I am sure I haven't listed all the reasons. I tend to forget some of my thoughts. What are your reasons and thoughts? Feel free to share them in the comments and let us have a conversation.

Why do you invest in Hive?

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Hive is wide and really have a lot imbedded in it. As you have said, it's a great alternative to our traditional Social Media.

One of the reasons why I am Investing in Hive is because of the solutions it provides to me and my country people. Many of us on Hive don't have jobs and yet well educated while some earn as low as $52 per month which is the salary of most jobs in Nigeria. That's why I keep building my accounts, build connections to help onboard and make a easier journey on Hive for the Newbies.

Personally, Hive has helped me a lot as a student. Being able to afford what I need and also help my family members in need is something I am grateful to Hive for.

So something that has helped my life this much, why would I not invest in it.

That is the best feature of Hive. Helping people! With a little bit of creativity people around the world can really utilize Hive to create extra income to help with their daily expenses. Thank you for sharing this.

What would be a normal salary for an individual or a family to live comfortably in Nigeria?

Crypto ban in Nigeria doesn't help. But I hope many more can take advantage of what Hive offers.

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To live comfortably in Nigeria, it depends on the lifestyle of the family or individual but if I am to say, maybe around $300 - $500. But it’s rare or almost impossible to see jobs that offers above $200. Someone with a salary of $200 is considered lucky here in Nigeria.

Wow,this is a tough country to live in! Congrats for fighting through !

Thank you very much... all thanks to Hive and those who has supported me all the way

How shameful that these few paragraphs of text have resulted in over $200 USD in payouts. "I tend to forget some of my thoughts." Maybe next time you could put a little effort in?
Why would anyone invest in HIVE? Only to lose the investment, of course. This place has been ruined by a few taking hundreds per spam post.

I don’t control who upvotes what and why. People should put as much effort as they like. And the main goal of the post was to have a conversation on this topic and learn from others. I doubt anybody invests in anything with an intention of losing. Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts.

@geekgirl, what a gracious reply to a very rude comment. I see a post that you did indeed work on and got quite a bit of conversation invoked, which was the purpose of your post. I wish my post could generate $200, lol. And I invest in HIVE because I believe in the platform and have met the most amazing people here that I would never had the opportunity to come into contact with. You can earn passive income, unlike other social networks, and I also take advantage of the 10% savings plan on HBD, which is a heck of a lot better than any bank account will pay you in fiat. HIVE has so much potential I like being in on the ground floor as it grows. Just like I was in on Splinterlands for 2 years, and now it's paying off big time for me enjoying playing their game. By the way, miss our poker games, I haven't been there for awhile!

Thank You @blueeyes8960. I haven’t played poker in a while too. Hive poker games were a lot of fun. We should play again.

I will just answer this with: yes ;)

I actually just bought a ton more sub 1$ level. Didn't think I would buy it at this level, but since I am convinced it won't come down to 40-60 cents anytime soon, now is the time to get more. The TA looks very good

But I have also become convinced that Hive is the place to be now. It seems that everything is falling into place at the right moment. You pointed out all of the amazing development, the amazing dapps etc. They are all needed and offer great value. I see Hive at being at the frontier - it's the first time that we are truly building a decentralized web 3.0 and it is now exactly when we need it more than ever with all the censorship and corporational greed, data leaks etc. going on.

For this reason I have decided to make Hive my biggest investment in the cryptosphere :)

Wow, 40-60 cents not anytime soon? That is super optimistic. :) Just because of the volatility in crypto I usually don't disregard the possibility of big drops like to even 20 cents without advance notice. But that's how crypto is in general.

I normally try to stay away from trading Hive because I know I would be biased and that wouldn't help in making a rational trade decisions.

Trading is definitely something I should look into more about Hive.

it's the first time that we are truly building a decentralized web 3.0 and it is now exactly when we need it more than ever with all the censorship and corporational greed, data leaks etc.

Well said. I agree.
Thank You.

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Wow, 40-60 cents not anytime soon?

considering we are already almost down 50% from the ATH and the strong support at 70 cents I think now is a great time to buy (but I am also not unbiased ;D

I see blockchain technology as being able to bring incredible changes to all areas of society. But, the hype is big while the reality seems far different - most projects seem about quick wild gains even though they market themselves as changemakers. It also remains to be seen how humanity will use blockchain tech - will things improve or get worse as adoption increases? I see Hive as having the potential to use blockchain tech properly, for huge social benefit. Decentralized social media, while super important, is just scratching the surface. I see society moving beyond corporations and governments, beyond legal systems, and innovating a whole lot of new concepts along the way. In my view, Hive has the potential and the community and the tech to be one of the major forces for this and to do it in a positive direction.

Hive indeed has positioned itself well and setting standards for decentralized social media. Thank you.

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Passive income. A way to earn crypto and invest in other crypto currencies without using fiat. High interest rates. Long terms savings - for retirement possibly (who knows where crypto Hive and crypto in general will go and what heights it will achieve). Those are some of my reasons just off the top of my head

Those are great reasons @leaky20. Especially as a savings account or something for retirement purposes while doing ordinary things we already do makes perfect sense. Thank you.

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Probably for the passive hobby cash flow generated from games and the community I've stuck with since the old blockchain. Hive has its days of being a mental health hazard but it opens a lot of doors for income opportunities I would've never known unless I browse through whatever goes from different communities. People and passive cash flow I suppose. I'm not heavily invested as I only put money I would usually spend on hobbies that don't generate kick backs but doesn't mean it never crossed my mind to go accumulate more in the future.

Yes, passive income and other income opportunities do make Hive attractive for investment. Thank you.

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I like having hive more than anything cause I can use it. I I can encourage people to keep sharing or working on their projects or I can delegate more to cross culture which I started to bridge cultural gaps.

I’m even thinking about starting a business that gives a discount to people who join, participate and pay in hive.

exactly, it's also a reason why I convinced myself (lol) to buy it over ETH or BTC

Let's keep the price rising by becoming whales ;-)

Investing time and money into Hive has been something done right from the very beginning. Not on too many different platforms, still support when able, firm believer in Web3 technology.

@tipu curate

Web3 seems to be inevitable. Hopefully, Hive will continue to lead in this space. I expect some competition though.

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From the first I saw I was impressed and thought it is the way into the future, yes I too hope Hive continue leading, doing a great job so far!

i invested cause i thought of it as a source of income for me in near future

Yes, it can be a source of additional income. Thank You.

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I just got my 1sr year badge recently


Lol. Nice! Gimme some money.

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I have nothing to add. You have answered everything. 😎

There is always more with Hive. You just don't want to share.

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No it's not. In about the same words, I would describe my relationship to Hive and the entire ecosystem.

Basically, I invest time and creativity to write and publish my posts and interact with other users.

Hive has changed my life (especially on the financial side) and it was one of the best things that has happened to me in almost four years.

Same here, discovering Hive was just awesome!

Because I ❤️ HIVE more than any other social media now. So much so that, its the only crypt where I have invested.

because it's the only social network which i use daily😁

I think a lot of it for me just has to do with the amount of time I have put into the platform. I have been invested for well over three years now and at this point it would just feel wrong to give up now. I have too much blood sweat and tears thrown into this whole thing to not see it through to some kind of end.

For me, I see that the whole outside world is heading towards the blockchain and NFT, and this certainly indicates that these societies are growing day by day in a crazy way. It exceeds 10,000, and in a very short time, the number of players in the game has become 282,000 players, and this is a crazy development that took place in about two months only, so I see that the whole future is heading towards the NFT and I am definitely trying to learn more about the subject and go deeper.
In addition, in my country, the employee receives a salary of approximately $30, is this logical?
I think that working on sites like Hive is much better than working for 7 or 8 hours a day on the ground and certainly for me as a university student in a poor country I have to work while I study so I think there is nothing better than Hive to work on, it offers me a lot

I have the feeling that if we could describe Hive a little better Hive might reach the value it should be. I'm thinking in terms of UVP, Unique Value proposition, or USP, Unique Sales Proposition, i.e. what is it that Hive does better than its competitors? Why should anyone choose to invest here or build a business on top of the Hive blockchain rather than somewhere else?

Well for it is basic: Hive has given me the opportunity to leverage my skill for financial rewards and has created a pathway to financial freedom which I am willing to follow to the end.

Plus, I believe in the potential of the blockchain. Being here for the past 3-4 years, I have watched the blockchain evolve and it is my belief that one day it will be amongst the top 10 blockchains in the world in terms of transactions and market cap

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Du hast sehr gut erklärt, warum man auf Hive seine Beiträge einstellen sollte.

Kurz gesagt.

Hive ist die beste Möglichkeit über Grenzen hinweg mit anderen Menschen zu kommunizieren!!!
Keine Grenzen, so wie im echten Leben.
Keine Problöeme - einfach mitmachen und sogar noch Geld verdienen, dass NUR Dir selber gehört und keiner Bank etc.
Kryptowährung ist die Zukunft und Hive wird dabeisein.

I believe Hive is the near future

Wow, I once tried to list all the good things on Hive, it was impressive, and made me tired! LOL!
Your list was great, this article is timely, I will post it on Twitter and hope others pick it up!

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An easy question for me, as I am in Hive to help our charity to continue into the future.
Only powerdown I ever took was when the Hive fork occurred and since then I have Hodld all of the way. One day when I am gone it will help those that are left behind to carry on with the charity work.

Some really good teams are building amazing projects on Hive.

Over time, I hope a few of those apps take up and as a result lift the Hive price as well.

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I invest in Hive because it's the best and the most underrated Blockchain in the entire world. Period.

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I came to Hive for the ability to generate a relatively safe passive income.

Then I stayed for the community.

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The games on the HIVE blockchain are fun to play and the fact I can post or blog about it on the same network and earn as well is great! The Community is friendly and helpful and I want to be part of that. As I spend more time here I see greater and greater value with investing in the project

I have a lot of the same reason you mention, but for the most part, I simply like Hive Block Chain and all it offers. I tried other so called social media outlets, none of them can hold a candle to Hive Block Chain. The people here from all over the world showing the world we can get along, we can adapt to a new perspective, we can build a new community and a new culture by blending the best of all of our cultures and communities into one place.

As for the Token HIVE, I keep it, I power it up, and I use as I see fit, sometimes to help peoples, sometimes to help groups. I figure the more I have the more help I can give people.

I have always being a crypto freak buying and hodl-ing. So of recent I was told about the hive community and was skeptical at first but had a rethink that I could actually buy the hive and reinvest (power up). Helping myself and others like me also.

For me I don't think I will sell any of my Hive because many things that helping Hive to push up especially the splinterlands game that will play also contribute to the development of HIVE community.
Even gamification alone,is powering Hive too.

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I invest in HIVE because of all the applications being built on it. As a feeless and fast blockchain, I don't see any reason why it wouldn't succeed.

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An excellent and comprehensive outlay of all the pros. At the end of the day, it's a network that has value, which is still increasing. A network that secures you are rewarded by holding the token. The accumulation of the token is extremely viable and attractive to the active and dedicated HIVER. This gives the token value outside of its tradable dollar value, which is unique!

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I am on PD ATM but that's literally because I see a pump coming - sell at > $1.50 buy back 3 times the amount at $0.50 when it comes back down.

I won't go below 65K Hive though, I think it's basically rude to not have a decent stake in Hive (dependent on your wealth) if you're making a fuck load of money out of what's built on it, like MOST people on LEO and Splinterlands are doing.

Hive needs to find a more effective way of gaining value back to itself from the money made of its dapps.

I can't say I'm guilty about PDing I mean - 10% curation return compared to a 200% airdrop on DEC/SPS.

There's too little incentive to hold a HUGE stake.

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Hive(community) is the first true community I used to interact with blockchain technology.
I like the effort to push for decentralization.
Even though I have seen bad actors, Hive ecosystem
respect everyone and this is truly a place you can come and feel like you are part of something big.
Hive helps you to build with patience.
When you see time you put in and see the progress everyone is doing to get this place where it is now
I give prop to you all.

Holding is the best part of Hive.
We secure the system and put it on our back.
Hive-engine keeps us busy.
I have to give it to them
with #leofinance in charge of everything
I know about #DEFI.
What else can I say?
This place is like second home to me.


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there are a lot of interesting answers, i think i didn't see one i am thinking about.

Hive is only crypto that i use every day. I started my crypto journey here, after that i did invest in some other coins, but Hive is only chain that i use every day. for some other coins i almost forget that i have them.

i have no idea where this all will go, but there are a lot of things going on, it is hard to follow everything. and that is fun.

Number go up.

I was Hot-And-Cold on STEEM, but after the fork and the determination that was displayed in that period of time, I knew this is where I belong. I invested in my HP and some Hive-Engine Tokens mainly to show face and to increase the weight of my words here.

I invest in Hive because I believe in the potentials of the technology. Hive is a social media platform where you can learn varieties of things and connect with people through engagements. It supports DEFI, it also supports DEX. It’s blockchain that supports other apps. I can go on and on. The main question now is, after knowing all these potentials of Hive, why are you not investing in Hive? This is what I will ask other people selling Hive

The reason I invest in hive is i can see the actual use of the network, you don't have to spend a small fortune to do something like other networks, you can be rewarded just for interactions like this
And in the next 10 years i can see this overtaking other networks as it is already 3 steps ahead of the competition.

Just 10 more popular dapps and we could be looking at 50 dollar hive or more :)
SO anyone got any more splinterland or Spk like dapps :D

I do because I can earn passive income and something that I am planning for long term. Decentralization is the future and I believe it's high time to be part of it and future is exciting..

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I do it because it provides an opportunity to share thoughts an ideas and being rewarded for it

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Let's keep working and supporting each other to grow at Hive!...

Just like bitcoin offers an alternative to traditional financial systems, Hive offers alternative to traditional social media.

We’re extremely early with decentralised social media and Hive has all ingredients to become the home of decentralised social media applications.

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