Looking for delegators from Hive community to Grow a Bulgarian network and spread awareness about Hive to mass adaption

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Hey Hivers!

This post is a request to the community for help and supports me in growing and spreading awareness about Hive in my country Bulgaria

First, let me start by expressing my gratitude to @theycallmedan who's been supporting the Bulgarian community growth for quite a while now.

The aim of this post is to find delegators or people adding their accounts to the @hive-bulgaria Curation trail

I've been sparing a lot of my time to promote #hive and work with people one on one to walk them thru the entire network of #hive

  • Trying to find the right people to help us promote and grow Hive

The major problem with the newcomers is that they don't believe that #hive is real money or actually better than money!

  • An asset class that you and only you own, especially here with #hive as we are able to hold to our private keys on our own blockchain.

As we all know the point behind crypto is to send money from person "A" to person "B" immediately without any restrictions from anyone to stop the transfer.
Also, the best of all of it is that here in Hive we have 3 second transaction time, free withdraw to an exchange if you want to get your fiat money or exchange it for another crypto, 0.01 withdraw fee from an exchange that is less than $0.0029 at the current price or 1/3 of a cent.

Let me explain why I need this delegation or Curation trail

As we all here on hive are aiming to make Hive day to day social media, this will be possible with mass adaption and a lot of people times more than that we currently have as active users.

I want to help and support newcomers only for a single photo (similar to @dbuzz) with a short text eventually because the majority of people are not looking for a blogging platform (As that is required from Hive for now so you can make some value into your post), and mass adaption will not be possible for a blogging platform, way easier if we make it possible for a normal person to upload his morning coffee or a selfie-and make 1-2 Hive from this.

A few examples from newcomers:
https://ecency.com/@stacho/posts good example for this..

My end aim is to build 1000,10000 active people daily from the same country with at least 100 Hp, then we will have a very strong and self-sustaining network.

  • That's why now I'm trying to start by building that at my village, but will be way easier if people are able to upload 1 photo and be rewarded for that...
  • Mass adaption will come with time, I'm pretty sure if we focus recourses and power into one city/village to start from.
  • I started also by showing a few of them how to withdraw so they can believe in the cryptocurrencies as money/asset

I'm also trying my best to explore all the apps and find occurring bugs to report them so we can have a smoothly running network of Dapps.

This is how my phone looks like with @hive Dapps


As of now, I'm trying to adapt people to the most easier for use Dapps like @ecency & @dapplr and trying to report all the issues or bugs found around to @good-karma @ecency , @dapplr as well( But the team looks took some time off)

Also as a video content creator, I do use @threespeak on an almost daily basis ending 99% of my videos with invitations to people to check the description on my videos to find more about Hive, threespeak, ecency & Hive in general.

  • Also staying in good touch with @eddiespino about bugs and issues found around the threespeak platform

Also not only helping a lot of people to discover #hive but buying a lot of hive as well, and I've managed to bring people that all together bought more than 100k in the past few months.

If you decide to delegate for the growth of the Bulgarian network feel free to do an amount by your choice to @hive-bulgaria or click any of those down below:

Time will come hive will Thrive!

All we need is a user base!



This is a great opportunity if we gain enough power to show everybody that this is a great way to spend their time. Even they can earn something. Every single point matters!

Thank you @iliyan90 for trying to do something more for us!

That’s true we can earn points by everything we doing on Ecency for example, so we can get paid for our time in internet.

Yay! 🤗
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I absolutely agree with you, the more people we have doing some activity on the platform every day, the faster the network will grow. Even with a single photo we can generate revenue for the accounts and with everyone being connected on the curation trail we can spread this revenue for the ones that make the best content. User base is the key!
I support you 100%, you know I delegated most of my HP to you ;)




@iliyan90! I sent you a slice of $PIZZA on behalf of @ivangeevo.

Learn more about $PIZZA Token at hive.pizza (1/10)

Namaste @ivangeevo
Sure the users base is the key to success.
And as you said to spread the votes around the network...

Thank you for what you are doing for HIVE and the Bulgarian community here🤗🤍💚❤️🙏

Thank you for your contribution!
Very much appreciated all the support we can get from all the communities around Hive!

Rewarding low quality content is absolutely backwards thinking, then we'd be flooded with spam and people trying to milk the system loosing community-oriented attitude and big advantage of actually getting here to read something valuable. I absolitely believe EVERYBODY is able to create 2-4paragraphs of text, nobody expects it to be expert content.

Creating layer 2 platform for cat/dog/food pictures with separate roke would be another thing, that could being value to the ecosystem IMO.

I see your point as well.
That's why also I've been trying to reward people that I believe and see will be long-term holders.
That's why I said I want and believe we can create a network with many people holding 100 HP for example and keep on growing from there as slowly as possible but being able to reward many people as well.

Yeah, that's also productive perspective.

To respond to your call: I'm willing to delegate 50HP to 10 new users for the period of one month. You can drop me usernames here or as a comments to my posts. I see a great value in your work for entire Hive community. Thank you. Cheers!

@deepresearch, there are accounts here that are not new .. It is good to check things, not to accept them only on trust.

He is just delegating to support the community, not the newcomers only...
I put account that in my perspective will be and can be active...

Yeah, the idea here is to support people who are entirely new to the ecosystem, to give them some HP to play and use RCs. I'll review this list of accounts, thank you for your notice @venan

Υοθ αρε ςελψομε, @deepresearch!

I had written almost the same thing in a comment on @iliyan90 "Likes should be given for good content on the post, not just to certain (unknown criteria) people". Otherwise the system becomes "I to you, you to me". This is exactly how the system is drained.

the most simple is make a token and delegators can earn some tokens for delegations.

The token can be used for advertisement, so if you are successful, it has some value.

so you can maybe attract bigger delegations :)

@urun, our own token is already created - hivebg. It is issued by @hivebg, which recently turned 1 year old and is managed by @venan. Its main purpose is to support quality content and to help the development of the Bulgarian community. Your idea of stimulating delegators with this token is a good one. Rhank you for this!
You can read more about this account and the token here.

I don't have much money but I hope we can grow together hehe image.png

Thank you for the support!