May 1st - The Big Silver Squeeze. Time to Drain the COMEX Bank VAULTS

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When the Bank Vaults Swing Open...

As many know, the value of silver has been manipulated for years by COMEX. Paper silver has been oversold to artificially keep silver prices low - the purpose being to keep investors uninterested in investing. Every time the silver market attempts to correct, more paper silver is issued with the promise that it's backed with physical silver.

Backed with physical silver? Really? How do we know?


What Happens when Paper Silver Holders Want to Exchange for Physical?

Delay, delay, delay. We are already beginning to see examples of "we'll get it to you eventually, trust us."


Eventually, they will honor the troy oz's from whatever silver they have on hand, likely fulfilling the smallest orders first. However, as the bank vaults begin to empty, they will delay further (6 - 12 months) while they scramble to purchase PHYSICAL SILVER to honor the claims.

But where will they purchase from if nobody is selling for cheap? Who is going to sell to them @ $26/oz, when they can sell on eBay for $40 - $80 /oz?

Trouble in Paradise

The discrepancy between real-world physical silver and "paper" silver will widen further. We already see it beginning to happen now.

Supposedly, silver is currently about $26/oz. But that's not the whole picture.


If you have 1 troy oz silver in your hand and someone wanted to purchase it from you for $26.00 would you sell at that price? No way! If you go to a pawn shop and they want to purchase at "spot" price, run the other direction and get on ebay. STAT.


Silver oz sells for between $40 - $80 on ebay currently.

US Mint Already Pricing at $73.00 / oz

The US Silver Eagle Coin has been out of stock for some time now and they do not expect it back again until this Fall. The only Silver Eagle coin they sell to the general public is the Silver Eagle Proof.


Even the United States Mint sees the writing on the wall. They've announced that once the 2021 Silver Eagle is available again, they would list it at $73.00 each.


All of the 2021 Proof Silver Dollars are selling at or near $80 each. Melt value of these Silver Dollars is about $20.00

That's a 400% markup from it's melt value!


May Day! May Day!

This coming May Day (May 1st), there is an expected "silver squeeze" coming. The idea is for investors to coordinate physical silver purchases all at the same time, causing local sources to sell out and place large orders from suppliers.

Then we follow the chain: the suppliers have to replenish from their sources, their sources have to purchase from the bullion manufacturers, the bullion manufacturers are going to be scrambling for the raw materials. Once it reaches the VAULT, that's when we discover how full the vault really is.

Image Source: Is Fort Knox Really Empty?

The goal for May 1st is 100,000 troy oz physical silver to be purchased... however the previous silver squeeze over 1 MILLION troy oz were purchased. We may be looking at multi-millions of troy oz purchased in a single day. Either way, it's very likely the value will be effected on a grand scale.

Or maybe not. We shall see.

I am a silver enthusiast, not a financial advisor. I am giving my opinion of facts at hand. Please invest at your own risk.

Every oz of silver in the hands of private investors is another oz out of the hands of the bankers. The bank VAULTS are swinging open and the wealth is going to the people - for cheap. It's not the extremely wealthy that are stacking the silver oz's, it's crypto enthusiasts like us who are in these various communities. There is a possibility of a wealth transfer of historic proportions that we will be telling our grandchildren about (if we survive).

Image Source: The Empty Vaults of London

Uncharted Territory: What is Your Position?

We are about to find out what happens when the banksters discover all the vaults are being emptied out. Will they deflate the silver price? Will it mega-bubble? It doesn't really matter, because as the silver supply runs out, the real-world value will continue to increase.

Banksters can't PRINT physical silver!

This may be your last chance to get silver under $50.00 / oz. If we were impressed with GAMESTOP, just wait to see the real-world correction of AG. This might make Gamestop look like small potatoes. Or who knows, maybe nothing will happen on May 1st.

Make the best decision for yourself, but at the least, be in the know.


Benjamin Turner: God fearer. Rooted in Messiah. Husband of @lturner. Father of FIVE wonderful children. The guy behind the camera. Blockchain enthusiast.

Bless the Most High!


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Thanks for the report, @ironshield.
Silver Certificate 3.jpg

Ah yes, back when you could redeem your dollar for four SILVER quarters! Or 10 SILVER dimes. Or two silver half dollar coins... etc. Now look at how many fiat dollars (similar looking) it takes for even one silver dime. SMH.

Just stack!
Good luck, @ironshield!

Yes, stack to the ceiling!

We all knew the day would eventually come... it looks like it may be close.

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In a fecal/fan situation, silver is always tradable by weight.

Lol! I'm not waiting for the May 1st rush.
Placed an order today for another 13 troy oz.
Now, to sit back and make popcorn.
I did my part.

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I didn't wait either, thing are going to happen quickly, I'll be sleeping in Saturday, resting easy, while the silver institutions are panicking.

Stack it up!!