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RE: Hive: Providing Much Of What People Need

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Hive is the future of social engagement and interactions. The picture is getting clearer with time.

We all just need to be stronger together and always have it in mind that the goal is to have a free speech and also financially free.

The logic is communities and projects on hive helps create more diversity and each niche will all be filled in the future which is near than we can imagine.
Together we are all stronger and I think hive is still in it’s early phase, the best is yet to come😀

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Communities are really a huge feature that has not been truly accessed up to this point. We are only starting to see the beginning.

I agree with you the huge breakthrough will be when the niche communities really start to take off. They will not draw in millions but will have passionate people. That is why I keep harping upon the sports teams. They are loyal and passionate.

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Yes this is just the early days , like you said hive is just 13months. Not even up to 2 years and we have seen a lot of changes unlike how it was during the Steemit days. Things has changed in terms of how social media should be, the use case and interaction level is really a great achievement, and even with things changing, there’s a lot more coming.

Sports team is really a great community to watch out for on the long run. Days where we might or will see real teams getting on boards and tagging their fans along with it too will be a huge step up for the sports team and the whole blockchain entirely.

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I think it might have been better, on one hand, if we did not pull all the Steem stuff over. I understand why they did and nobody would have liked to lose all that content.

But if we started our own genesis block, it really would make people understand this was completely new.

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I think it might have been better, on one hand, if we did not pull all the Steem stuff over.

I quite get the idea here but is there even a little possibility that both(steem/hive)ecosystem can try to amend things and try to create a very friendly decentralized social media verse for everyone 😕😟.

I don’t think that should hurt so much if we all really want things to work . History is being created here🤥

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Not at all. Two totally different concepts.

Sunny Boi centralized Steem even more. Hive is run truly by a community.

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I find it ironic that a place named Hive is where freedom grows. :)