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RE: Hive: Providing Much Of What People Need

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Microblogging would definitely come in when the time is right. In my own view point, micro-blogging should not be a rushed project because it’s the captain to hive ship or let’s say the catalyst to speed up hive ecosystem. Dbuzz can still come in handy for now until we have the real deal. Just a mere thoughts tho. I might be wrong actually

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I wouldn't compare dbuzz with what's project blank supposed to be. It would have been a blast this bull market and generate some well deserved traffic on Hive.

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I am definitely not trying to compare it with dbuzz. I am sure no one would even want to try that lol.

What I was trying to illustrate was the fact that the project was delayed so that it can achieve a very great result and be able to accommodate a lot of users because I think it’s going to be a blast in the first to two weeks of release.

I personally am here waiting for the micro-blogging to launch before I delete my WhatsApp/Instagram account 😊

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