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RE: Weekly Gambling Dapp Dividend Report (BFG-SBET-WINK)

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i don't know, betfury has something that keeps me away, but wink is good for me. thanks one for time for the one million spt idea, i am close to make it there.

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What I mostly like about betfury is that it's a site that very much appeals to gamblers. Normally I don't get into coins that can be mined by playing but this one is an exception. It's still early though so I'll see where it all goes.

Nice to hear you managed to make some good profit from SPT. I stranded at 1.82 Million SPT which is giving a huge boost for the SPS airdrop. I still have to make a proper calculation for a potential exit plan actually taking profit on the big gains at some point.

i think i will wait for one year and see the final number. if splinterlands goes up like axie, they will be very valuable, and we will have a lot of them, i think.

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