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RE: Are You Excited About Hive Yet?

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Lots of criticisms gets processed. Most of what is added in each hard fork is from feed back that the community provides. The change in the EIP and, eventually (the last hard fork), the 50/50 author/curation split was due to the feedback (and experimentation from the tribes).

I cant say every tribe but I know Leofinance takes the feedback and incorporates many of the suggestions.

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have never had the question answered by anyone who knows why you can't set up guest comments on Hive.

Since many people read and comment here, I'll ask this again: is this technically possible?

Can you provide me with an answer? In case, you have some information about the matter. Also, I would like to know about the feature "how many eyes have looked at a post" - when I joined Steemit in the first months, it was there, but one day it was gone. Has anyone suggested to implement it? Do you know?