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RE: Some Thoughts On Hive Backed Dollar (HBD)

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As far as the savings account, maybe increase to 15% to entice more people to keep HBD on chain and ease sell pressure.

That is if an easing of sell pressure is needed. Keep in mind, when it was trading at 1.2, sell pressure was required. I look at the interest paid as a mechanism to lock more HBD up since it likely will not flow to much. This could add some stability to the equation. Maybe I am looking at it wrong but I use the savings, not to trade, but to just stash and forget about.

HBD is a stablecoin so there needs to be enough liquid for people to use.

This is true if we get use cases for it. Presently, there are few commercial options for HBD. If we start to see people using it as a stablecoin (if the peg holds), then we will require the liquidity.

With more users coming to Hive, the demand for HBD is higher.

I think the first line is that more Hive is required since people are going to need the Resource Credits. Yes, I do no agree that the number mandate that HBD will also be desired especially as commerce evolves. So it is really which one gets created and converted.

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Great points. I think too many people are speculating on HBD price as well instead of using it as a stable coin.