Apeing into Bloktopia

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Here is a project I just aped into.

Meet Blocktopia:

As you can see from the video, it is some metaverse skyscraper virtual reality BS crypto thingie.

Ahhhhhh.... I don't know, I am too old for this shit. But it looks like a perfect trap for all those crypto idiots pumping silly projects like there's no tomorrow.

I haven't done much research to be honest, so this is purely a gamble!

But there are rumors that binance listing is coming soon... But it could probably be just that. Rumors.

I threw about 1,000 bucks and I will get out in the first good opportunity. For now the project isn't listed on any big exchanges, other than kucoin, so there is plenty of potential.

In case you wonder, I heard about them from this travala announcement:


NFA, yada yada yada.

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Can't wait the day we suck each other's digital penises.

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I think there should be a term for knowingly investing in shit ptojects and expecting bigger idiots to bail you out in the future :)

it's called "STEEM"

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do not speak of such heresy on this holy blockchain

haha, I don't know what came over me

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you're lucky we don't burn heretics :)

I thought you would ape into this one with Travala having a presence in this in-between metaverse thingy Bloiktopia is claiming to be. Not sure if a Binance listing will drive the price up a lot. Have seen similar project setups with a tremendous amount of tokens to the private segment and just a handful to the public not doing a lot, regardless of what exchange they are listed. Filly diluted market cap is above 6 Billion already which is one of those things I don't like at all. That said, their website looks darn cool and the token is increasing in value last 24 to 48 hrs. Well, since its launch is growing with a little dip here and there :)

Still in the process of deciding if I'll 'play' this one.

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I sold 😂

oops! I was considering to buy this weekend, but I didnt... and now see what's happening! fully diluted MC of 8B$, but no-one seems to care.

WOW, you shouldn't have done that :) Eventually, I bought, at a higher price point and now this token is going ballistic... Maybe I had something to do with it... Ah, maybe not hahahaha Fully Diluted MC is now at around 25B$... crazy crazy.... but the market doesn't care shit about that! Lesson learned :)

"I haven't done much research to be honest, so this is purely a gamble!"

Me : I'm All In haha

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Just got out 🦧🤑


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1000x token for sure.

it needs only a ton of such idiots to move:

Went out, made money 😂

Good trade!

This looks like the las vegas of games... Looks cheap as well... Too bad it's just kucoin that you can get it from, but I guess that's what happens with all good projects in the beginning.

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Aped out 🤑

Good trade.

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What josediccus said 😅

ok, they made a 3d animation about it.
but what the hack is this one?

Who cares, I made profit 😂

Good luck. I will watch on the sidelines to watch how things go.

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Sold with a profit 🤑🙈

it is some metaverse skyscraper virtual reality BS crypto thingie.

You didn't shill this enough, maybe you could have said "here guys buy into the next bitcoin and become an early adopter" hahaha

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No no no 😅😅

Sold with a profit 😂

Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!

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