Sociomee coming to hive !

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Some good news for hive today!


Sociomee is yet another hive/steem type of site that never had much success last time I checked.

Dunno how big their user base is these days, but hey, a win is a win!

Rumours btw are that they will be using hive engine so soon we will have another cow tag to milk monetize!

Here's a link to the official announcement if you want to check it out!

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I would be more appreciative for their move. No hurray needed, but to greet them with says like "another cow to milk" is not nice. I am in for any disgusting or blasphemic joke, but on the back of potential new joiners? Is this really needed?

Sorry for trying to be sincere, let alone funny. We definitely don't need the latter on hive.

They are around hive for years. I would be interested in what the full integration would be.

I think your post make more rewards than the whole somee together 🤣🤣🤣

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LoL. Perhaps this comment too?

😯Wow!!! thanks!!!

more suckers... I mean valuable contributors to our glorious blockchain :)


I recall hearing about this social media site and it's nice to see them move over to HIVE. !PIZZA

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Right on we could totally use more people here and this sounds like a phenomenal collaboration.

Doubt it 😂

Oh yeah what's your feelings on this...

milk it

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Lol a win is a win...all decent-looking collaborations are welcome


Dear sir of President Trump. You are bad of cows. Cows is good sir. President is sir.😁

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Well it's probably got a little fanbase, as I haven't heard of it. I'm just waiting to see what it'll mean. No excitement whatsoever.

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Where's the link?

My bad

they are since a long time on hive. They have 2 posting options. Onchain and offchain.

Thats all i know :D

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Got more info?

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There are since st**m around our chain. I have made a long time ago an account there to check it out.

It's social media, but not 100% connected to hive. They have a token (no idea how it works). That's all.

I think they had an airdrop a long time ago for sign up. Never checked it out since then :P

They are active on Twitter at least.

So that is something.

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Yep, 😂

Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!

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That's a great news. I will like to accumulate more of Hive for myself.

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Don't overdo it though!


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As long as they actually Sociomme's and not Sociopaths !

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They are making a lot of announcements (a thing called stratos). I think this is just cheap marketing

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At least they try!

Lol. I enjoy your humor and yes more tags to milk but who knows they may be half decent.

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Time will tell 🤷

I can't wait to see the news. Looking forward to your next post.

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Cow to milk lol

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So it looks like they're just going to end up another front-end of Hive, right?

Eventually, all social media/media/newspaper/blog sites will become this.

All roads lead to Hive.

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I like your spirit 😅


More bridges to Hive. Most welcome!! 🚀🚀

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I never really looked into SoMee. Seen it around but it didn't manage to rattle that gut feeling... don't know, maybe the horizon is brighter now?

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I've never had much luck with that site and it honestly feels dead. The push on content is just non exisitant. But hey we will see what comes of it. They had talked a lot of stuff and still have yet to push forwards so I'm curious what this integration will look like since they said they would also be connecting with many other blockchains and NFT system. Still watching and using it though because you never know

This is awesome, jokes aside but I think if we can build more like this, regardless of how small a community is, we can have a stronger ecosystem! I’ll have to keep an eye on this to welcome them as best I can!

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key cool, nice shoutout

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Hopefully they bring some whales with them willing to buy up the price

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Doubt it 😅

Hi @trumpman
Good News
I assume they will be a general theme site like Hive, or did they have a special theme?

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No idea my friend 🙈