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My early days with Neoxian

A little over three years ago I joined steemit and I remember @neoxian was the only big whale that upvoted on my posts on a weekly basis likely due to his generosity and kindness. I was smaller than a minnow, quite literally a red fish for quite some time, but neoxian helped me grow along the way. This was all pre Neoxiancity if you believe it or not. There was not yet a Neoxiancity tribe or news letter, but neoxian was big into lending crypto.



When Neoxiancity started I joined its discord channel but have not really participate in much of any discussions. My fault for not being more active but hopefully I can be more active now. Since the recent crypto market boom I have spent more time on hive's social network in hopes of capitalizing on the boom. My goal now is to participate in as many tribes I can be in that can help me grow in crypto knowledge and hive power. However real life responsibilities takes precedence. I rarely make a post in the middle of the day. Loyal followers of mine would know that I post late at night but I have been trying my best to stick to posting daily. Still I hope to interact more within the neoxiancity community as it has given me support for all the years I been on steemit and now hive.

Recently I broke rules and had to handle the consequences. The jest of my mistake was not using @neoxiancityvb upvote service while participating in the neoxian's discord giveaways. In return I was cast out of neoxiancity discord and have been roaming around other tribes since. I am now posting daily on music4life and a big fan of the game Rising Stars.



Last week I finally saved enough neoxag token to purchase an upvote from @neoxiancityvb. At 500 neoxag per an upvote it will be my first time ever using neoxiancityvb.




Trying again after 5 minutes...


Seems to work...




What is Neoxiancity?

I have added some followers since my time away from Hive since I started participating more in music4life. For new users to neoxiancity there is a weekly paper reporting on the latest activities in the tribe.

Neoxiancity Weekly News Letter (2021-04-04)

I look forward in the near future to join Element chat as it seems like a new IM portal for members. Of course there is also discord channel that hope to get back in very soon.

There seems to also be other post promote tools developed in Neoxiancity through dline. I have not learn how that works but will be interested to learn more about it.

Please welcome me back to Tribe Portal and chat group on Element as they may potentially closed down discord channel due to censorship.

Thanks for reading!



Well come on in then.

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Hi glad to see your response. The discord link in the news letter maybe out of date so been trying to find another link. Can you send me one? Or are you on Element only now? Will be off work later to figure out how to use Element. Thanks.

The discord still exists but it's hidden and not used anymore except for bots. The element is at:
Element information: My id there is Neoxian city chat:

I've already received votes a few times from the neoxian, but I don't get any more. i don't know if i did something wrong with that

I don't like alternative interfaces. for not having support for communities but is a good place :)

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Thanks !wine