Hive Ecosystem Infographic - Looking for Feedback from the Community

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Hello Hivers,

The Hive Ecosystem is very big. We have a lot of dapps, frontends, platforms, and tokenized communities. I asked my assistant to see if we had an infographic with all the Hive apps. We could not find one, so we asked @enrique89 to create a brand new one.

The idea is to have something like this, but for Hive:


Solana Ecosystem - Source

First Version with all the Exchanges


Second (current) Version without the Exchanges


We know that several apps are missing. In this version, there is more space to add them. Please share your feedback:

  • Which active Hive apps are missing?
  • What would you add, and what would you remove?
  • Would you change some of the categories?
  • Which apps would you add to the "Coming soon" category?
  • Should we add at least some of the exchanges (or all) that have listed Hive?

Looking forward to the feedback from the developers of apps like @peakd, @ecency, @nftshowroom, @splinterlands, and tokenized communities like @leofinance, @proofofbrainio, etc. Hoping to hear from all Hive users: witnesses, community leaders, investors, gamers, NFT artists, content creators, and curators.

Once ready, this infographic can be updated from time to time as Hive is always developing new apps, and some may become inactive.

Best comments with helpful feedback will be eligible for small upvotes from my account.

The credit for the design and the rewards of this post goes to @enrique89.


A few days ago I updated my infographic about communities and tags and maybe can help complement with what you already have:


Doesn't have every single community but is a good bunch :)
Hope this helps!

This is great work!

Vftlabs and brofi for the defi part! Also cinetv for an external community. Also, @taskmanager and myself are working on something for when @klye's smart chain is launched - what we come up with I'm unsure yet. We are still brainstorming.

Might also want to add another category there for us in the wealth storage category. Brofund, dhedge, index, spi, lbi etc :)

@hivelist missing tho. I did hop over there a couple days ago and it really did feel like a special place that could be up to something great. Maybe in time we'd witness it bloom as it has a unique focus.

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This is a great idea, I see a couple of other communities missing like

I like the one with the exchanges but I can see why both are needed, Maybe one with dapps aka communities and games and one with exchanges and defi etc,

Looking great, thank you for initiating this. One suggestion put small date somewhere that indicate when it was created, that way if in future someone sees/finds it they will know when was it last updated. 👍

I second everyone saying that @cinetv and @musicforlife would be a great fit + possibly @brofund and VFTlab too! Damn there are so many good projects on here its great to see them all layed out like this!


Category Tweak?

For me, the 'Social Media' and 'Community Interface' could be worth tweaking.

When I joined Hive it took me ages to realize that PeakD, Dapplr, Ecency, etc. were all 'front-ends' that all navigate the same social content residing on Hive's blockchain. I was like "are these interfaces? Are they not? How are they different from interfaces like LeoFinance/Actifit?" - to be honest, I'm still not clear on this, lol.

App Inclusions

I'm also not sure if would fit on this list or @hive.engage , but figured I'd mention.


As for exchanges, maybe list the 3 most popular? For a new Hiver like me, exchanges are hugely under-covered and it took me a lot of research to even find some that handled Hive -> Bitcoin conversion for Canadians. (Actually still sorting this out.)


@acidyo posted about an interesting mobile MMORPG on the blockchain called 'Guild Of Guardians', again not sure if fit for inclusion, but figured I'd mention. 😁

P.S. I love nice visuals, so huge props to you and @enrique89 for this endeavor. Wishing y'all a great day. 🙏

Also, apparently Hive has a 'streaming' dApp , called @vimm ? Is this a alternative? I have no idea about this, but figured I'd mention.

Absolutely! We've been here since the old days of the "other chain". Thanks for mentioning us! 😀

My pleasure, glad to hear it! 🙏

@podping it's going to be important. Take the graphic from the account profile or call me.

This is an amazing visual and should definitely be added to the FAQ / Tutorial section on Hive. Two suggestions:

  1. Create a separate infographic with all exchanges that have listed Hive (less clutter).
  2. The two categories "Social media" and "Community Interface Apps" are really confusing for new Hive users. The lines are blurred between these two sections. Requires tweaking IMO.
    Thanks for sharing!

A valid initiative. It will help promote the ecosystem.

Without checking the comments from others I suggest these additions in the apps section:
@xhaust -
@pinmapple -

What about the tribes and their sites? There are plenty of those ...

Yes I would like to add all the tribes on Hive

This will be a big graphic then :)

Oh, I forgot to mention @haveyoubeenhere - an app companion to @pinmapple ->

Yep we know we left out plenty will add all of them for v3.

please also change Brewmaster to CryptoBrewMaster

Of course!

Thanks mate!

What about aureal? :)

Aureal already is included :)

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My bad, somehow missed it. :D

Was making sure no one gets left behind


@theycallmedan Good idea I like it very much.

I was just thinking the other day, that we need something like this that showcases briefly what the Hive Network has to offer.

My suggestion here is leave 2-3 of the more popular exchanges. Also for coming soon maybe add #projectblank ;)


I think they're all amazing, and I can't currently think of what you'll remove, @hivelist isn't there but then isn't there a way to actually fit it in?

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Awesome, very cool idea! I personally like the second version a bit more as it´s all in the same font/size, which looks neat. Maybe a little box with some of the exchanges could be added though so that the final design is rectangular :)

I think this infographic is great but I see that some tokenized communities like @naturalmedicine, @musicforlife and @wearealive are still missing and maybe there are others that are missing. I think that the exchanges should be included, because it will give even more support to the information contained there. I also think they should change the color palette and try to integrate them with the ones we found in our first view of Hive, ie lighter colors, especially the background does not seem to me to our great Blockchain. Great work. Regards

Me parece genial esta infografia aunque veo que aun faltan incluir algunas comunidades tokenizadas como @naturalmedicine, @musicforlife y @wearealive y quizas hayan otras que faltan. Creo que deben incluirse los intercambios, porque le dara aun mas soporte a la informacion alli contenida. Tambien creo que deberian cambiar la paleta de colores y tratar de integrarlos con los que nos encontramos en nuestra primera vista a Hive, osea colores mas claros, sobre todo el fondo no se me parece a nuestra gran Blockchain. Gran trabajo. Saludos. (Another interface for hive-engine and also supports NFT's & Diesel pools).

Brofi & Vft-labs in Defi section.

DHF & Hive Native internal exchange.

@clicktrackprofit and couple of projects by the team for example,

New & emerging/coming soon games like @hashkings @oceanplanet @muterra @slowsundaygames @dcrops etc.

& The biggest Things, Investment/Dividend projects for passive income. @brofund @spinvest @utopis @lbi-token @discohedge @eddie-earner @he-index @ctpsb and others if I missed any.

Any hiccup?
Is Leodex DeFi? I don't think so. Cubfinance is only on BSC not part of Hive blockchain... Maybe I have misunderstood that.

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Thanks, I recommended changes here.

Hive doesnt need new apps. Hive need only new people...

Finally someone gets it. You can build the great wall of china all you going to get is the same ole hive people dominating each app. The same people are at the top of each app. Same ole people. If you want a new community you wanna look at projects like bitcoin myk that is bringing in new people. people who aren't even interested in cryptocurrency. thats the key. this is more foreplay.

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this is fine, but what I want is to do the same thing that happened when steemit gave way to hive, I want hive to go to hive .0, an additional panel with its own token and its own cryptocurrency that could be hive .0 same as the name of the panel, this in order to have extra profits

Perfectly. Some of the presented programs and communities I see for the first time. You can add a community dedicated exclusively to cooking.


Personally I like the second one better it allows for more room for adding things. With the ever changing environment of Hive, I think on the bottom line where Link buttons are, off to the right perhaps add a next scheduled update tag date that would link to a post for what needs to be added or removed, (that is if the links are links). That post can have a reminder set and be pinned to the @hivechain or one of the other primary Hive accounts for updating things such as this.

Awesome job done by @enrique89 will be using this on the Classes we are giving for new users of the blockchain.

May i ask for the @lensy icon to be change we are doing a reskin of the site and we change logos to the one below please.

profile picture 02.jpg

I like it a lot with the exchanges it looks very good, I would add two communities that I like a lot and @musicforlife that have their own token and are niches with many people interacting with them.

Also I don't know in which category @brofund fits, it has helped a lot of projects to get ahead.

I congratulate @enrique89 for the good work he is doing.

Agreed these projects are brilliant too!

This infographic looks good. I'll add into DeFi section VFTlab. 😎 Also, maybe 10-20 biggest communities ...

Love them! Do you have high resolution versions of them?

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@theycallmedan! I sent you a slice of $PIZZA on behalf of @d-zero.

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This needs more boxes indeed! Add in the various tribes, like ARCHON, Liotes, STEM, CTP, PAL, POB etc. I also think Hash Kings, Exode and Holybread could be there in the games category?

And if you really want the thing to balloon, then start adding the investment funds, like SPI, LBI, DHEDGE etc.

Hope that helps!

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That's really great. It will be interesting to see that in the main page when investors visit coinmarketcap and other websites like coingecko. Once they move there, they'll see everything we have !

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I would also add beempy, a very cool technical tool for intermediates.

By the way, would you mind if I shared this graphic on my Twitter? Always nice to give more publicity to Hive!

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thanks for the information, good job @theycallmedan

Hive doesnt need new apps. Hive need only new people...

looks pretty good!

unfortunately quello and don't exist anymore

Отново да помоля хвърлете едно око На този пост които знае англииски...
Както казах много пъти мрежата на Hive е много голяма и тепърва започваме с развитието и...
Всички сме част от едно ново начало на интернет 3.0 ;)

Namaste 🙏

Hive on ;)
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Looks great 👍
Good job to you @enrique89
Hey @theycallmedan
I’m not sure if goes around Actifit...
But I definitely like the idea behind it because it can bring many people to the platform with their token.
That why I’m buying the tons of it ;)

Hive on!

Namaste 🙏

Engrave is a tool? 🤔 Engrave lets you create posts so i suppose it is a front end or daap.

More exchanges will keep on adding to the list. I don’t think it would be practical to name all, how about sticking with top 10 based on market cap or volume traded.

And may be we can add one more category named ‘Resources’ and list all hive related platforms like, and others that people have mentioned.

The graphic is great, I loved the nice 3d effect of category boxes. A round of applause for @enrique89 for this amazing contribution.

Cheers.. Keep Hiving 🙂

with exchanges is the better one.

I would put on the lowest line a general Roadmap. So new people can expect something cool coming up and traders become a date to ape in. Other cryptos celebrate dates way more than we are on hive :)

From Design, I would say change the background color of boxes with apps different to the other general background, symbol size +30%-50%.

Maybe colors on the background should be a bit lighter, only because of the reason, darker colors converting the worst. Signal colors are in general better :)

If you like I can make an alternative one. It was something I want to do since a long time :)

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Well i like tooo mucho this!
Naturalmedicine and others news comunities in hive but for being a firsts versions of the Hive ecosistem "map" is awesome.

My sugestion is about the comming soon item in the second version because without exchanges item you get a lot of empty space for put others new adds, because I wanna know about more news in Hive.

Congrats for the desing.

Exode is missing: its a game on hive.
Hashkings is another game on hive though it's super alpha atm.
There are also the weedcash communities sites, hive list and the hustler community, they aren't super huge but they are still actively developed by @thelogicaldude

I feel like adding exchanges is not really worth it. Better to have more space for more meaningful info, people should easily be able to find out about exchanges by other means.
Other than that I think it works pretty well.

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@hivelist and @hivehustlers has allot going!

me gusto esa imagenes me gustaria conocer mas sobre el tema, un placer saludarle

Missing Sportstalksocial, Dpoll...

hope there will be more games apps in hive, and exchangers like alcor exchange, huobi and kucoin , binance are fully supported with hive, and if there is swap and liquidity pool of hive pair available in pancakeswap is also good!

I'm loving this and would share the hell out of it on Twitter

i am missing:

Would be cool adding @oceanplanet as well

Should we add at least some of the exchanges (or all) that have listed Hive?

i would suggest "Major Exchanges" and list the top 5.

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You're missing @dCrops. It is a farming game and we're launching with our ALPHA today!

Oh! this has been really useful to give the correct place to every function/app/coin in my head. As I'm pretty new around, it was all a bit mixed up. It's a lot to understand and learn, man!
Until now, I've only used PeakD,, 3Speak and Ecency Platforms, and my Wallet is Hivesigner, but everything else is still on the “Try out later” list, hahaha. So I cannot answer any of your questions but, well... :c I'm happy for how the Infographic looks ❤️ Sorry for not being of any more help.

Awesome I love having a visual summary like this. Many thanks to you and your team. Hive is swarming with projects and we may miss some so a clear graphic like this will keep us informed and up to date on the Hive ecosystem so that we can choose our point of nectar.

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Should we add at least some of the exchanges (or all) that have listed Hive?

At least the ones, where one can deposit and withdraw. I know, WazirX does not allow deposit or withdraw, only trade, which is useless. People would be looking to buy/sell/transfer and only exchanges providing these should be listed.