Wow, Huge Earthquake felt off the coast of Hawaii! πŸ˜³πŸŒ‹πŸŒ‹

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I was just sitting here writing my "Sour Grapes" meme contest entry post when...

The second I clicked publish I felt a rumble, & it was a giant Earthquake!

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It was so weird, a few seconds before I felt this 6.1 Magnitude earthquake hit, I heard the birds outside all squeaking and flying away to safety. Then I heard a rumble and my computer started shaking, and my chair was vibrating for a long time. It lasted for about 30 seconds, but seemed like the longest earthquake I'd noticed in years! Upcountry where I'm at, we’re attached to a giant underground lava tube that is connected to the big island. I'm a whole island away from the epicenter, however it feels like I get a front row seat to the earthquake action in Hawaiia's Kilauea volcano because when we dynamited our cesspool years ago, air blew up after we hit the opening to a 20 foot round lava tube!

91228b31-2aef-4788-98e9-7e30e20f97cc-AP_Hawaii_Volcano_Eruption.jpg.webp Image Source: USA Today - Kilauea Volcano!

Now I get the best earthquakes vibrations all the way up here at my House on Maui, and from a safe distance from the big island. Not since 2012 had I felt an earthquake as long and rolling as this one today. Afterwards, I even heard the neighbor yelling "Mom Did you feel that, and she was telling her Mom the same thing about the birds warning, haha!

I ran up to the deck, looked out to the ocean, and think I saw a giant tidal wave flowing into the South West. It wasn't that big, but might have been 8-10 Feet, because there was this big white wash wrapped all the way around the coast, it is rare to see one long wave like that so I think it was the "baby" Tsunami! I guess the event is over now, the coast just looks like a bunch of choppy little waves up and down! It was a 6.1 earthquake off the coast of Hawaii after all, any bigger and things might have been a lot different. πŸŒ‹πŸŒ‹

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Hello @coininstant, I hope that the baby tsunami does not have a rapid growth, this topic is delicate, what a danger when nature shows what it can do, not only the wisdom that we find in it, it also knows how to be noticed.

This is actually a scary news because if volcanic and earthquake prone countries fall like this then it can be really bad. Thank you for presenting such a useful news to us.

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Stay safe dude.

Thanks, I will!

Helloβ€ž friend.

That's no joke earthquake, it was strong and it lasted for a long. How about your surroundings? It didn't create damages or something?

Stay safe.

No damages that I could see, my house is built into the rock on concrete foundations, so it was fine. Thanks for asking!

good to hear then.

Thanks God was uneventfull, and you are ok dude, u are a fine bro, do mind to know if there is some risk of another earthquake soon?

Probably, I just heard booming, so I ran outside however it was only fireworks this time. Then I ran back to get my camera, cause they would make good post, but they stopped!

Keep your phone at hand, always xD learned that on Hive xD

Hope there will be no more earthquakes. Stay safe bro!


😳 be safe man.

Wow! That was quite scary! 30 seconds sounded like a minute to me!! There were minor earthquakes in South East Asia too; a 6.1 in Tokyo and some minor ones in Burma!! It’s the ring of fire waking up!!

Good thing that you are far away from that ring!!

Take care.

That was really crazy, Man.πŸ˜—

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Greetings @coininstant, good thing that it was just a scare, here in Venezuela earthquakes have also been felt but on Saturday night there was an unusual one that was accompanied by a very high-pitched buzzing.

This is very bad news. May God keep us safe from any kind of danger.

thank you very much for sharing the news, have a nice day

Thank you very much for sharing information, have a good day and a great mood

Stay safe .......