POB penalty 10% up to 20% and random thoughts on it

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If you post on POB website, you loss 10% of all reward tokens. ( It shows how good the free front ends are like peakD,hiveblog and ecency are).

If you post on the free front ends you lose 20% of POB rewards, but no other tokens. The rewards go to @Proofofbrainio.

It shows how centralized Hive Engine tokens are. A reason I never start building with that tokens ( lol waiting for SMT´s).

Token Holders have no Power.

Token holders can be censored.

Token Holders (users) can be taxed for using the front end.

Even if the founder sells out 100% of tokens. The Influence is still by the founder.

Owing to the front end ( Domain).

Can Change Token rules ( lol I don't know before that is possible after token creation, WTF)

What can the community do if the Token holders and users disagree? Fork it. Or simple, create another token and airdrop it to token holders.

It doesn't solve any problems with HE tokens, but save the rules that the community wants.

That's the power behind a community runner protocol.

But in a long run, I wish real Smts with smart contracts that work.

At the End

All concerns I had about Hive Engine Tokens happen on POB.

Censorship and Ultimate God mode power to token founders. Also, the staking bee to run it is a very dangerous thing if Founder wants to " Exit scam" + Token sell-off.

Another problem I see it is close to impossible for normies to build another front end for an HE token. That makes it even more centralized.

Besides all this, the community cant upgrade the Token. Only founder wallet can do.

And the worst to the end. The Front end creator owns the Domain. This can be sold on the secondary market for a lot of cash. Depending on Backlinks/ Name/ Brand. So Community enriches in the worst case the HE Token founder like on WEB2.

It doesn't mean I don't respect the work that was put into Hive engine.

Hive Engine is awesome and was there on the time we really needed it. I'm a big fan and it allows us to practical play the game of reward tokens and communities.

Some random Announcement to the End

In the case we have at some point Tokens i can work with on Hive ( reward and smart contracts) i will buidl too . I have a lot of ideas, but Hive Engine was never for me "the token standard for Hive".

It would be not "build from scratch". Some work is already done, waiting for a truly decentralized token solution :)

Because my belive is, Decentralisation = Don't need to trust the founder. Trust in code and community.

Ok, that was it.

Ok Anon, have a nice day!


Who keeps nuking the founder of ProofofBrain ? Why are they doing this ???

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No idea. I look at it from the side line. No idea what happens there all the time. I think POB is the Drama tribe token on Hive :D.

Ha ha…. I thought Hive was the drama token .

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haha, yeah :D

Well at least now we have a better idea of how we can implement smart media tokens when they eventually come. And I hope hove engine creators still have plans to make these things better down the line. Personally, I’m thankful for HE and all the functions it brought us so far. It’s not perfect, far from it, but it works okay and has brought us a lot of value.

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Yes, it is really valuable, but the problems was there since day 1 and I don't think they will be fixed anytime soon. Because if it would be fixed, the bee tokens will lose massive in value and damage the HE infrastructure.

Why? Token generation and everything else is decentralized means, you dont need to stake, upgrades would be open. So it would not work IMO.

But it doesn't matter on a short to midd term, but can end in the first "mass adoption wave" in massive exit scams.

Yes exactly, I think it can be better . It's not over yet.

smart media tokens when they eventually come.

Well that's something I never knew about . It sounds great.

Fork it. Or simple, create another token and airdrop it to token holders

I like this. Fork it !
I can't make it, not the tech part, I'm not a coder.
But I'm ready to support fork.
I mean - financially.

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I think it would be not that difficult.

  • create a new token
  • snapshot token holders ( balance)
  • copy rules of the token
  • airdrop the token
  • register a new domain

Part 2:
Use simple front end without customization to get started ( basic HE front end).

All doable. Only the Fancy stuff and maintaining it could be painful work.

Like an ecency version frontend with a lot of customization.

I have no idea how much work it would be. I would imagine not that much ( because some front ends run without any updates for a long time).

I'm also not a coder, more a copy and paste guy :D But if someone would do it, I could help if needed :) IMO, for a simple Fork is no coder needed. Only the steps with some research :D

This is quite exciting. May be @anadolu might be interested? He got the experience of Cent Tribe and An active POB holder too.

Call it Blurt2

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Fork it Fork it Fork it Fork it Fork it

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This post explains more on what you wrote why you don't vote POB contents posted on the front end. I guess there are more people who see things this way too.... I can only watch how the whole thing plays out but its really good to see you ready to support a fork!

Is this why POB has dropped almost 100 % from its highs ? Brutal.

What can we do to get it back to $ 2 ????

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POB was $2 ?

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Can be, I don't know it is because the hype is gone or because of that.

Maybe it was the Downvote wars. Everyone went back to Hive or Blurt.

that can be also the reason, i don't follow much what happens on all that tribes :)

The downvote war on ProofofBrain was brutal. Many people quit.

like the flag wars on st**m in the past?

Back in the good old days, every now and then, someone like Berniesanders would stick up for the little guy. There is no one like that anymore.

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Bernie is still here but less aggressive :)

But way worse.

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The DV wars are definitely a problem. Starting with the founder, his rep was DV'd to negative because he started asking questions to the people that were endlessly downvoting when the tribe first started. He's partially censored as you have to click to read anything he has to say.

Recently, the founder released a post about moving things to a new front end. A couple of whales upvoted him to bring him out of being negative, but someone recently nuked his account again back to being negative.

The downvote wars were very public on POB as it's a small community. It definitely played a part. Now, while you can be partially censored on hive, you can definitely be censored on tribes. So, that concern is definitely legitimate. All tribes carry that function. I don't know that they all use it.

The founder muted a Hive whale earlier this year due to his concerns about malicious downvoting. However, he reversed that decision because the community didn't agree with it. So...so much for talks about totalitarian control.

Decentralisation = Don't need to trust the founder. Trust in code and community.

That's a great ideal though and I hope it occurs one day.

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This is a great post! It explains what not so many are ready to talk about.. but all this looks like a big project, instead of a fork, we can work on decentralizing the hive engine tokens. It still possible, just not simple

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Yea I don't understand and stopped paying attention as much to POB after a while. I guess being taxed more for using the platform is something I would avoid.

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