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insight.pob present pobstreet in conjunction with @onealfa.pob, where there will be a daily topic raised in which everybody can engage in it, and the daily topic can be reached from the community members, if you have any topics suggestion for the next day drop it in your first or second comment of the day with an #Topic.

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Today's topic

why do you think that , the members of POB community keeps selling their POB at a very low price?

Topic from @funshee

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Special thanks to @funshee and her topic suggestions.

Today's question has already been answered by so many. These people who sell low are not losers although they may be losing in the long run. There are people who earned POB but don't even know what they earned. They just opened up Hive-engine and said, "Wow more coins!" That was my first reaction and that is how I treated Leo at first. I had no idea I could stake these coins. That lock looking icon on Hive-engine looked so scary. I wasn't going to touch it.


The exchange button was something I was familiar with. I traded most of my first Hive-engine tokens for Hive right away. I thought to myself, "suckers". Later I found that I could stake Leo and POB and so many coins that I didn't even think I had. The result today of staking those coins is I am getting actual passive income. I don't do anything on these communities but I am getting rewarded just for staking their coins. People don't realize this even though there are tons of posts about stacking. They just don't read.

There are also some in the community who need to sell POB because they have bills to pay and this is one kind of income source for them. I don't blame them at all. In the end they may regret it but they know that they had to survive. It's best to HODL a lot but also know from time to time what is a good point to sell. Now doesn't look like a good time to sell POB so my guess is they are really desperate.

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i love your response to the question, your instinct is same as mine when i first joined but along the line something changed, thanks to @onealfa.pob when changed my mind set with his post of power from time to time.

looking at his post i always think why will this man stake so many amount of pob even buy liquid pob on daily basis with his money, there must be a reason so i opt in fully.

for me not to miss out i went to the extent of borrowing $1000 to buy #pob and i will be paying back weekly. so i sell little of my reward to pay and stake the remaining once i payback fully i will be staking every of my earnings except emergency needs arise.

#pob is future not yet present i'm following the foot steps of @onealfa.pob, let see what 10 years will speak about pob and the panic sellers and pepper hand will regret their actions , like those who sold Bitcoin some years back, learn from the past mistakes. #pob is also 21 million total supply.

You have guts to borrow $1000. It reminds me of the time I borrowed money to pay my college tuition. I was so sure I would get a good job to pay back the loan. That never happened. I think you made a risky decision but good one and will definitely pay off the $1000 you borrowed. Years down the line we may find ourselves very glad to give POB a shot.

Again I am proud of all this Brain community ♥







@insight.pob, you've been given LUV from @mineopoly.

Check the LUV in your H-E wallet. (4/5)

See, you also sell :D A lot of us do, it's just that the intention matters. If you are willing to add to the community, only staking won't matter. There are lot of other ways you can add value here.

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POB is a community not a cult so they can sell if they want to. No one knows what the future holds.

Wow you Even borrow to buy more pob, you really try, because me a do afraid of borrow money, you people now they way the will be demand for their money so I will wait to myself to get more pob before I can stake.

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The reason why people also panic sell thier pob at a low price is
Wrong perspective
My question is what is your perspective about pob.
When I was invited to this community I was told that there is a new site where people are earning free money and that was my perspective when I joined this community because that was how I was invited.
I know that I am not the only one that was invited that way,and many others will be invited the same way I was invited to earn free money.
but after reaching this community I see that things are not like that. This is a social Media platform that wants to grow and dominate the world of social media same as also the pob token also wanna grow have have value.
Right now we must change the way we think of proof of brain community as a free money and we must look at it as a growing community and we must help it to grow together.

If this was free money, our brain was a useless piece of art :P

There is nothing called as free money, my friend! If it was that easy to earn here, I would have been a billionaire in 3 years of time. It comes with a lot of dedication and hard work and undoubtedly, putting your brain in the right direction.

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My question is what is your perspective about pob.
When I was invited to this community I was told that there is a new site where people are earning free money and that was my perspective when I joined this community because that was how I was invited.

Exactly what I was told, that I should just be commenting "wow and very good"... 🤣 🤣 And I will be getting money..

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For sure there perspective about pob is bad, that is why they are selling it anyhow.

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Reason why I see people selling thier pob is because of ignorance.
Most people don't know the nature of crypto currency.They don't value pob project and that's why they sell it off.
They suppose to think that what makes the likes of @onealfa.pob @scholaris.pob @trostparadox.pob to invest in pob so much that means this project is not a joke.these people do stake pob every day even with the large amount of pob they already stake and they still stake more and more and this is a sign that this project is not a joke.

Exactly, they were brought here without proper guidance on the nature of cryptocurrency (pob)...

They should read the handwriting on the wall, check the pob rich list and see people who didn't just come here to earn but bought pob with their money because they have seen pobs future...

@onealfa.pob, @trostparadox.pob and @scholaris.pob, I wish you can drop a post concerning this...

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I truly appreciate the discussion. I am, however, very hesitant to criticize someone based upon their pattern of trading and selling, curation, or point of views. You should be as well. @sugandhaseth, @hranhuk, @wiseagent, and even @vempromundo have commented on how POB and other currencies provide people with a living wage.

I don't think you're wrong as it may be the case, but there's a world a options out there to make enough money to live. If someone wants to buy/sell POB, honestly that's their choice. I won't fault them for it unless they put up a false front.

I'm in it for the long haul. I'm committed to investing everything I earn in POB. What I haven't staked I use in POB-related contests. This place is almost a second job for me at this point. In a couple of weeks, during the WOTW contest break, I'll be back working on use case and the POB road map. Once that's aligned, then it's POB project development following community input.

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thank you for your response to the topic sir, i'm happy to ear from you on this, this will be a comfort for the people, and they will be encouraged to stake also. we will be looking forward to hearing from you again

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Thanks for responding sir, I believe with your words, many will see reasons why pob should be invested...


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How many people sold their Bitcoin when it was $1, then $10, then $100, then $1,000. Now wishing they hadn’t.

I only invest my time and treasure in projects and assets I believe have value for the long term. That’s just my philosophy.

Idk that I can convince someone with eloquent words. Best approach is to probably look at those who are investing heavily and ask them why.

Although @onealfa and I have disagreed in the past on issues of governance and whatnot, we are both bullish on POB, for sure — maybe for some of the same reasons and probably for some different ones too.

Both @onealfa and @scholaris are not merely investors. Both are assets as well. Both are spending inexorable hours intent on improving the tribe.

Again, best to ask them, but it’s clear to me that they also have the long term in mind.

Yes oo, ignorance is a disease and some don't know about crypto currency all they want is to get money and get out.

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Panic selling would not help this community in one way or the other. But you have a free choice to do what you want.
Staking your pob is a great advantage to this community.
It first advantage is that it will be like in liquidity for this pob token which will enable it to hold its value and which will make more people to trust pob token as a real project.

What I think about the members of pob community would sell their pob at a very low price id
Thier needs= everybody have his or her own choice to invest in and everybody have a great night and difficulties in words they are there are people who is there life is in the great urgency for example people who need money for urgent treatment may be in the hospital or people who have a debt to pay and they have to pay it or gently. This kind of needs can make people want to panic sell their pob.

Another advantage I see in staking pob and not panic selling is
The more they are more stakers of pob in this community, the more people will get more reward and the more faster pob will be mined to reach its maximum total supply. So it will help in increasing the community because there will be many rewarders and that will attract new people to this community before they learn what this committee is all about they will be attracted first.
The action of @amr008.pob has affected the engagement of this community but this action is a blessing in disguise to this pob community because many people will want to stake in order for them to also have power and people want to see this community as a free money site anymore.

Ok so selling at low price could possibly mean 2 things for me.

  1. Some people have needs. They earn just to sell. We might not be able to understand their perspective because we are blessed with $$$. But not all are. They are here to earn their daily wages and they just sell it off irrespective of the price.

  2. Then there are some who play a very smart game. Trading is a very powerful way of earning, if you know proper technical and fundamental analysis, you can make some really nice money. So when they see a low price and suspect it to stay there for some time, they simply take them out and invest them at other places to make some profit. And later when they see the price going up again, they purchase again. That's a good strategy to make quick money afterall.

And then obviously there are those who don't have too much faith on these tokens and are too naive to understand its true worth at this point in time. Such people learn with time and experience.

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why do you think that , the members of POB community keeps selling their POB at a very low price?

Just like what @amr008.pob said, many people are here to get rewarded and sell it immediately, they are not here for the growth of the community, even their engagement was just because of the daily engagement reward from amr and sometimes they keep blabbering just to make it look like they are always actively involved in the community and at the end attract good percentage rewards from @amr008.pob

Most of these people are the newbies that wasn't well guided on how the system works, they were just told to come and comment and earn then sell.. Actually we all like money and its part of the reasons we are here but we shouldn't devalue pob, if the community ain't growing then we will lose also just like its happening already, pob keeps falling everyday and people keep selling

"My people suffer because of lack of knowledge" (hosea 4:6)...

Many doesn't see pob going to the moon in the future and they don't even care, all they are here for is to earn and sell..

The answer to that question, they sell their pob anyhow because they don't care about the growth of the system, they don't even see or believe its gonna develop...

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That is true but where can they see the plan of this community and the roadmap because every crypto or community that will grow must we will plan to everyone in order for them to believe it and to join the growth progress but as people do not see it how will they believe it and invest in something that they don't even know about

You can see the white paper of pob though it's not all the full plan of of this community but you can find it white paper in the first post of @proofofbrainio.

@amr008.pob engagement program did drive a lot of engagement and comments, but yes I think you are right, there are many free loaders too who commented anything just for the heck of it.

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@rapha-el7 concerning your comment,you really deserve a trip to your favourite place in the world...you have said it all..

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I equally imply in that, because it is well understood and enlightening.

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Is good to see that you picked my yesterday #topic suggestion for today discussion, discussing that topic am sure most us will get answers to a long time question.

However; i have another #Topic suggestion for today,

Question: Engagement program by @amr008.pob has comes to an end, what effect do you think this new development will have on the hive community in general?

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Engagement program by @amr008.pob has comes to an end, what effect do you think this new development will have on the hive community in general?

It will reduce comment spamming on the platform and we will see proper engagement on the platform,there will also be reduced numbers of people who sell POB at a ridiculous price simply because they do not care about the growth of the platform...

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This will translate to a very good development.

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Engagement program by @amr008.pob has comes to an end, what effect do you think this new development will have on the hive community in general?

There are two possible outcomes

1...Well it could reduce the engagements on this platform because the project helped the engagement to increase massively on this platform,now that the project has come to an end,it might make the level of engagements to go back to any previous state it was before the project or started.....

2....if people see the way they earned alot of POB on the platform via the engagement project,it will make them to understand the importance of engagements on this platform..

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It is a great topic that you have suggested,it can help everyone to learn from each other about the platform...

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It will make people who are here because of reward and money to leave the community.

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"why do you think that , the members of POB community keeps selling their POB at a very low price?"

I think either people really need the money or they have Nothing with the community.
I also sell some of the tokens I've been collecting without knowing.

why do you think that , the members of POB community keeps selling their POB at a very low price?

Sometimes you do not appreciate a thing or the value of a thing when you get it so easily or cheaply..they were getting the POB so easily so they do not mind selling it at whatever price,and they do not care about the growth of the POB..

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I really don't know why things are like that.
But I can guess the reason why people do sell they are pob at a very low price.
People have their own personal reasons why they sell pob and their personal needs
So the situation varies.
But one of the reason why people sell their pob at a low price is because they don't have knowledge about what this community and what crypto is all about.
What pob community is about.
This community pob is already in mainnet because it's still can be bought and sold at the same time in its developing stage because it's still mineable.
For the community that is still in it developing stage selling it off to make free money is not an advisable thing to do for the growth of this community though there is freedom to do anything with your pob but for the growth of this community it is advisable for you to stake.

This is an individual thing. They sell it because they want to. I’m not sure they are fully committed in the growth and development of the community. While other people like me and you stake everyday because we believe in the community

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Like me too who stake the little pob am earning. I really believe in this project and in this community because it is motivated by Bitcoin, hive and leo

I see no reason for the project to be stop ooh, because hive is very happy with pob in the sense that pob can't be on it own without hive.

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alot 9f people are not committed to the growth of this community like you have said, but there should be a way to take care of those that are against the growth of this community.

the truth is that all the liquid pob i bought was bought with the money i borrowed, hiw i wish i waited to this moment so i can buy more than x2 of what i bought

"why do you think that , the members of POB community keeps selling their POB at a very low price?"

Fantastic question. Basically the reason why people keep selling pob despite the fact that is low for both positive and negative reason.

First let me start with the negative reason.

The reason for selling pob and why i tag it negative reason for selling pob at low price is because most people are not genuine trader who are ready to buy when the price go down and sell when price go up rather they are here to get pob and sell at any price.

The ease of getting pob has practically made every holders to come and sell the pob irrespective of the exchange. "Afterall they don't spend a dine to get it"

No regulation regarding selling.

Regarding the positive reason.

Sometimes some people's reason for selling pob at a lower rate is not cash rather it is because they are pessimistic that price will go lower.

The truth is that people with more negative motive for holding pob are more than the positive motive people.

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The ease of getting pob has practically made every holders to come and sell the pob irrespective of the exchange. "Afterall they don't spend a dine to get it"

Now this is the fact,infact majority of people selling it at any price belongs to this category,they got it to easily so they do not value it that much..

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why do you think that , the members of POB community keeps selling their POB at a very low price?

There are various reasons why different users sell it at low price,some individuals just want to sell it at any bid price available simply because they urgently want to pay some bills offline while some people sell it because they do not have the proper understanding that they can select their own price at which they do want to sell the POB,some also sell it at low price due to FUD...

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why do you think that , the members of POB community keeps selling their POB at a very low price?

That's not so easy to answer. It varies from person to person. Let me try my best.

Type 1 - These people are the ones who are just here for free money. They see Hive, POB or any token just as means to extra income. They may be or may be not good content creators but I am talking about intention only. They don't give a shit about community or market price, they will even sell their Tokens it POB Price is $0.00001.

Type 2 - These people are dedicated to community and are good content creators too. They have simple fixed rule i.e, cash out some rewards and stake the rest, invest in the community. The amount of cash out and staking varies according to personal needs. I think it's very justified too. We all have some financial needs and we all join the community for financial gains. Luckily we have majority of this type people in POB community, that's a good thing. It's not wrong in selling your tokens in case of financial needs, as long as they invest some percentage of their rewards back into the community. After all we all want to see POB make differences in people lives and helping them during their financial crisis is the best possible way.

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I have a topic suggestion following today's topic.

At what price would you consider selling your POB, thinking that it's the peak and will make you good money?

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Good morning to every living soul in this great community.may we all see today in peace also may his world be with us in good condition,ameen.

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There is something am still not understand concerning this platform,there is rumours that they have put and end to this platform.

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Good morning here am so happy to see myself as a winner, I say a big thank you to @onealfa and @insight.pob for this, more pob in your account.

why do you think that , the members of POB community keeps selling their POB at a very low price?

For me the reason why people selling their pob at a low price is the orientation they have, some people don't care about the how they work to get the pob.

All they want is to get there money, and they don't care about the future of the community and themselves as members.

And they don't look at our leader line, because if they are not planning for the future they won't be like 51 rich list.

So the orientation is bad, that have make them not to care of selling it at a low price.

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Good morning,my noble great people of this great community I greet you all,may we all see the success of today ameen,also may our activities of today be the successfully one to us all.

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Thanks for the great question above,from my view I feel those that sell their pob for low prize is because of some of them get the pob at easy way too.although selling of pob at a low prize might depend on an individual,beside emergency might the be reason for some of them to sell at low prize.you knw there is kind of emergency that you look for help and nobody to render help to you and you have pob,so there is no other option than to sell pob at low prize..

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