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Today's topic

how can proofofbrain get rid of cheaters in the community

Topic from: @insight.pob

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Good day here and it t is pretty okay to be here again, honestly being here always Isa blessings.

This is one thing that is very important and vital and let me come this way ,that talking about cheaters has to do with so many things,in the side of farming of token, plagiarism of content and even hacking of others account and I want to say all this are forms of cheaters if am not mistaken.

But to me getting ride of those things might be very hard, only of the system that makes use of phone IP to my thinking and I think that will help,cause once your IP is registered on the platform with one account,you won't be able to register another account again ,that will help in the side of farming of token.

Then the plagiarism part is one thing the community as be dealing with as users who are found wanting in that past are been downvoted and even follow by spaminator too

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Hi everyone here

how can proofofbrain get rid of cheaters in the communiy

I don't really know what you mean about cheaters but to get rid of users who Plagiarise thier content action is already being taken severely by @scholaris.pob.
One other form I Know is that some goes to some length to open multiple hive account in order to receive more upvote and transfer thier pob there though it's not against pob rules and regulations and not cheating but the best way us that in curation,they should consider your pob selling, transferring and staking rate before curating those account for the development of pob community.

This topic should be a concern to everyone who lives this community.
We have a long way to go in this proofofbrain community and this community still has a long way to go also.
Cheating in this community will only harm this community negatively and what people don't know about this community is that this community is not just about free money.
We have to make this sacrifice now because we are early in pob so we can reap it in years to come.
Because some wanna earn more, they will start copying someone else post and start plagarising and transferring pob to a clone hive account to avoid being in the most sellers of pob list.
That's why I want pob to increase more scarcity to show those who love this community and not for free money.

Many people has stopped engagement in this community just because @amr008 stopped his engagement program

Well done to this wonderful platform #pobstreet for this topic and well-done to @scholaris.pob for spotting out cheaters in this community.
What limited the discipline of fake members and cheaters in this community is the issue of this community being decentralized.

And the issue of this community been decentralized has give room to cheaters because there is no real identity attached and no control over ones account because it's not centralized like bank or Facebook who have control over your account.
So the issue of cheating can't stop because of this and that is the issue the government has with decentralized cryptocurrency because cryptocurrency increase the rate of scam and illegal transactions due to no identity attachment.

If a member of this community is caught with plagarism and is being disciplined,then the person would open another hive account and it's as simple as that because of this decentralization.

Cheaters can't be get rid in this community completely but such act can be reduced in this community that even those who will practice that act of cheating will have to go through a lot and anyone being caught in the act will be punished.

Plagarism is once discussed in this community few days ago in this #pobstreet a topic suggested by @scholaris.pob.
He has been taking a full measures to catch all who are in the act of cheating by plagarism and punishing those account by downvoting.
I also noticed that those act are too much especially in proofofbrain community.

But there has to be a perfect way to eradicate it entirely

The best way I know to deal with cheaters of this community is that all the curators in this community to come together with determination of not curating anyone who Plagiarise in this community.

This community is to proof your brain and of creativity so if you are not creative then there is no room for you in this community.
Increativity is the reason why some people would plagarise so that they won't stop earning.

One other form I Know is that some goes to some length to open multiple hive account in order to receive more upvote

yeah this is another form of cheating apart from plagiarism which though i am yet to see anyone doing for now. but i think the only way to detect this is from introductory post but how many people have the time to be viewing post?

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Good to be here and let me say ,it is lovely am up very early today again to actually to be here to add my view on today's topic,what a way to start the day.

To be very honest having to get ride of cheaters in the community is a very big work and let me be sincere by saying it is not just what a person alone can do,it needs to be with everyone effort,I remember have once get involved in this act some times back that I couldn't downvote such user due to my voting power,but I reported the user to the spaminator , this are users who came here for the purpose of farming token and going away ,they put up people works or effort to get what they are don't deserve or merit

Will just have to come together as a team and work towards making such that the community is clean,come to think of the damage this will have on the community and it users if things like this are not in place to stop every crafting attitude from those set of users.

I still want to believe the issue of downvoting or muting them finally from other people to see or view what have thy have to present is the way out to bring an end to such act and chase away cheater's from the community

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Good to be here once more and let me say alot has been said about today's topic and have even gone through @scholaris point of view too,which I want to believe that it is just one of the best thing to get ride of those involved in all those malicious act too.
The only way to keep the community clean is to always downvote this set of people even without giving them a warning at all,one thing I desist so much nis when I see people getting rewards for what they have not worked for at all.

Despite that the issue of downvoting might have been something that so many people frown about in th past ,but to me it is just the very best way to chase away fishes from the community

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I'm not sure DV is the best way. It's currently the more popular way to address fraud. The best way is for the community to not vote on the fraudulent article. A demonstration by community support is far more powerful than a single DV. It's demonstrative of a community that believes in what they're doing and protects itself.

Very well said Sir, I totally agree. Its better to completely ignore the abusive users and repeated cheaters. There only sole is to reap as much rewards as possible, so let's not make them abuse the reward Pool. Sadly some users Consider POB as quick to get rewards platform and they are inviting of same kind with these intentions and all this is spreading bad influence around. A collective effort of Curators and all users is needed to address this serious issue. It's really important to keep POB community maintain its value of quality content. Thank you so much for your great efforts. We are really greatful to you. 😊🙏 !LUV

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how can proofofbrain get rid of cheaters in the community

Getting rid of fraudsters in the POB community is not an a day job and we all have a role to play in it , it is not something only @scholaris and @onealfa.pob can do alone.

We can all put an eye out on any article that we interact with and try to check if the Author is into plagiarism or not before upvoting and we should learn about the appropriate actions to be taken agaisnt them.

Just imagine if we can all take this task upon our shoulders in no time frauds will be reduce to the barest minimum.

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I agree completely. However, that kind of goal will take a long time to get there.

how can proofofbrain get rid of cheaters in the community

I agree with @scholaris.pob that community policing is far more effective than relying on a small group to do it.

With that said, I personally believe the 'mute' function is far more powerful than downvotes. Although the 'mute' has to come from the token's issuing account (in the case of POB, that is @proofofbrainio), that functionality can be delegated (via the issuing account granting posting authority to those tasked with monitoring and managing the 'mute' function).

Another option is to offer a 'pre-screening' feature to curators, wherein posts are pre-screened for plagiarism. Some of my students and I are experimenting with this approach, with the Proof of Blind project, which you can read about here, here, here, and here.

Creating a strategy for getting rids of cheaters is using the plaglarism not checker to detect thier content and how to detect clone account is that those account won't have any pob staked.
The aim of those clone account is to earn more of all thier pob and sell it at a very low price to earn free money.
Instead we should invite real new people to this platform to enjoy and become a staker

This is a very serious issue that must be get rid of in this community to prevent anything that will harm this community in the future.
Cheaters and plagarisers in this community has reduced this community seriousness and has made this community a joke because of insincere engagement to double earn pob.

To stop and eradicate cheaters in this community, I would like this community to include a very strict rules and regulations in addition to the present plagarism rules.
Rules and regulations that involves staking etc

Let me add this to my saying,cause I sincerely think a lot should be done towards this now,come to think of the way cheaters attitude as affected the innocent one in the community this days,I vividly remember that @amr008.pob said this type of act was reported to him by whales like @onelfa.pob and the likes,which eventually lead to an end in his engagement program too.

So you all can see the level at which this as gone to now.

@scholaris sir, I want to say this act as gone to the level at which people cheat via comment making too,I sincerely think aside downvoting of post that comes with plagiarism, comment too needs to be watched over and I can say that even those that don't know anything about such act got affected when @amr008 put an end to his engagement.

So we can see how far it will tell on the innocent ones too,if proper actions are not taken towards it,.my voting power might be low,but I will take up action by reporting any of such act , either by comment or post to the appropriate authorities

We just have to be one to put an to the cheating act in the community.

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It happens more often than either of us understand. I won't go into it. What's important is that we work together to make the community we want.

#topic Is it right for someone to write post and still upvote it again?

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this question is a great one and it is something we need to act on as soon as possible because it is very sure that there are many cheaters on proofofbrain community even on pobStreet community especially and other community as will.

and this will not help the community because many people will just come into this community to comment and receive their pob,spend it without staking,so i think they should just make this staking much more compulsory for everybody in proofofbrain community.

there should be an amount of pob for everybody to stake composerily,this need to be work on as soon as possible.

in conclusion, greetings to everyone and God bless you all

How can we screen articles for potential fruad?

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I believe this problem is already been taken care of by @scholaris.pob and is doing a great job there.

Very good initiative
This is a very good topic to talk about
I will prepare my own post about that

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Good morning.

how can proofofbrain get rid of cheaters in the community

@scholaris.pob and @onealfa.pob have been doing that already by downvoting and cautioning the said people who cheats...

I believe with time, we will have few or no cheats and more committed minds in the community...


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I think the task is just too much for few people to handle, we all can make hive a better place by keeping an eye on people who are into fruad and take appropriate actions against them.

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I doubt if it's possible to completely get rid of cheater on any platform, cheaters will always come up with new methods. It can only be minimized, the act of plagiarism is being taken care of already.
I'm concerned with a user having several active account with different identity just to farm token, would have suggested that IP address can be tracked down but cheaters would know other way around. Hence, down voting and muting them is still the perfect way for now.

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how can proofofbrain get rid of cheaters in the community

I believed all this has been taken care by the great bosses in this great community and I believe that they will still be on it to detect the fraudulent.
Thanks for this question and also you guys are doing well keep it up

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Hey the great people of the great community,I greet you all is been good here and everyone engagement is awesome and great although I have not been posting since I join the community as much,so first of all I luv to greet all in peace and we all have a blessful day ahead.

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