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I was permitted by the author of #POBSTREET @insight.pob ,@scholaris.pob and @onealfa.pob to publish past topics discussed in #pobstreet that will be helpful to everyone in the community and should be discussed further.
You can review those topics as a helpdesk from Day 1 till date.

DaysAUTHOR(topic suggestor)LINKS
POBSTREET 1@insight.pobwhat defines #POB MARKET PRICE and how can it be independent
POBSTREET 2@rapha-el7 whats your POB plan for this new month
POBSTREET 3@googlemaphow can pob stand out just like hive stand out from steem
POBSTREET 4@bobthebuilder2How to make a user friendly user interface that attract newcomers
POBSTREET 6@knowledge23.pobwhy did you choose pob
POBSTREET 7@precious008what will pob look like in the next one year
POBSTREET 8@knowledge23.pobShould pob start real identity verification
POBSTREET 9@insight.pobwhat is your favourite market type "bearish or bullish
POBSTREET 10@pobtraderWhat are the requirements for content to be rewarded upvoted or curated
POBSTREET 11@iyiadecan the value of pob still equals to one hive,if yes state your reason and if no state reason
POBSTREET 12@funsheewhy do you think that , the members of POB community keeps selling their POB at a very low price?
POBSTREET 13@funsheeEngagement program by @amr008.pob has comes to an end, what effect do you think this new development will have on the hive community in general?
POBSTREET 14@sugandhasethhow long are you willing to hold pob, at what price are you willing to sell
POBSTREET 15@mineopolyWhat kind of posts would you like to see more of on POB?
POBSTREET 16@knowledge23.pobWhat would you like pob community to add or include to thier features in the future or what creativity should be done pob community that will make it unique and different from other community
POBSTREET 17@precious008when should we use the downvote button
POBSTREET 18@iyiadewhat effect does cryptocurrency has in our life
POBSTREET 19@insight.pobwhat was your experience on your first day in this community
POBSTREET 20@funsheewhat is that one thing , that if you have the chance and means you will do for POB community?
POBSTREET 21@pobtraderwhat should be used to reward in this pob community if pob total supply or what will you prefer to be rewarded or how do you want the reward system to look like?
POBSTREET 22@vikbuddyHow to promote and increase 'Staking and HODL' phenomenon on POB?
POBSTREET 23@iyiadeHow can we increase engagement and attract numbers of new users in pob community without promising them free money
POBSTREET 24@precious008What features should be included in this proofofbrain community
POBSTREET 25@precious008What is the relationship between STEEMIT, PROOFOFBRAIN and HIVE
POBSTREET 26@scholaris.pobWhat's your take on plagiarism or fraud? Do you think it's existence, or the community's reluctance to police itself with prevent it from growing?
POBSTREET 27@lordemmywhat as been our challenge since joining the community till date
POBSTREET 28@iyiadeHow high can hive price go in the next bull run? and why?
POBSTREET 29@sugandhasethWhat will it take for any altcoin to take the throne of bitcoin?
POBSTREET 30@marilove22what can proofofbrain do to influence the hive community
POBSTREET 31@insight.pobwhat is your plan for pob this month? did you fulfilled your last month plan?
POBSTREET 32@insight.pobcryptocurrency vs fiat what is your say on this?
POBSTREET 33@insight.pobshould pob stand out of hive? how and why?
POBSTREET 34@wrestlingdesireswhat features should proofofbrain community possess as a perfect social media platform
POBSTREET 35@funsheeThe recent Continuous decrease in POB token price, do you think is any related to the having difficulty in accessing the tribe via proof of brain front ends, and what do you think can be done to have an increase POB token price?
POBSTREET 36@iyiadeHow can there be increase in pob demand than supply?
POBSTREET 37@insight.pobthere was a recent pump on hive, what action is the best to take BUY, SELL, OR HODL
POBSTREET 38@incredibilitycan pob be on another blockchain aside of hive blockchain,because some other token are listed on two Blockchain
POBSTREET 39@insight.pobwhat use case do you want for pob
POBSTREET 40@insight.pobif #pob is listed on a centralised exchange (binance or kucoin) now, what effect will it have on the token, positive or negative
POBSTREET 41@insight.pobWhat potential do you see in proofofbrain community
POBSTREET 42@insight.pobhow can proofofbrain get rid of cheaters in the community
POBSTREET 43@funsheeHow can we screen articles for potential fruad?
POBSTREET 44@delight200Is there any solution of centralizing a decentralized organization in other to take control of illegal activities in crypto world?
POBSTREET 45@hannahhiveCan bitcoin reach $100,000 before the end of this year?
POBSTREET 46@abimbola753Is it right for someone to write post and still upvote it again?
POBSTREET 47@iyiadeHow can we take step on all the suggestion in this #pobstreet
POBSTREET 48@marilove22How can pob hold it's value and not decrease in value
POBSTREET 49@iyiadeWhat is our fate in future as a pob holders? or what would be our gain in future as a pob stakers?
POBSTREET 50@precious008What do you not like in proofofbrain community or what are you not satisfied with in this proofofbrain community
POBSTREET 51@insight.pobcan pob partner with other hive token and if we do so what will be the effect

@insight.pob: this is part of what I was talking about. The important part of your work, in my opinion, will be to talk about your interpretation of past conversations. Given @iyiade's work, I won't reproduce the table, but I'll show you what I mean about the interpretation in a separate article.

Thanks @iyiade for your efforts.

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thank you for the support, i will be waiting for your article, and thanks to @iyiade for the good work he has done.

#POBSTREET needs more recognition in this community alot of people don't know about it yet and they are missing out some vital informations which will help everyone.

i do promote the daily post sometimes and i will continue to do so, so as to help everyone and get everyone updated.

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I'm back at my desk. It won't be too much longer now.

It's my pleasure to serve pob community and bring development to this community


This is so amazing
I have been thinking of how this exciting and serious discussion would be put in practice because I don't used to like how every of each discussion that supposed to be discussed for weeks or sometimes even month to just be concluded in a day and jump to another topic.
Well done @iyiade for this good work.
So we would be able to review and discuss every of this #topic in proofofbrain community for this community growth

Great job @iyiade, well all have a role to play in creating POB community of our dream.

And this is a good step in the right direction.

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Nice one and it is good to see how you have helped him to put this up

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It is a Great summition and it give more reason for us that did not post a topic to post some of other time.

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This is a great index :) Do you plan to keep it updated?

Yes I think everyweek but this same post
I won't post new one

Sounds good :)


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I think updating it every week is a great idea. You can also add links for your past reviews. Do you know what I mean?

I don't really get you but do you mean I will post a new updated one?

I don't have it in mind to post a new one because I don't worth the curation so I will just keep editing the post and updating it as @insight.pob already linked the past topics post to #pobstreet so anyone who visit pobstreet will just click the link and review past topics so any of the topics but I will just keep editing.

And how will you send your post 90% curation reward to insight.pob? Will you send it in liquid?

What I mean is that if you make a new post on the most recently published articles, maybe you could include a link to past reviews like this one. I think we're on the same page, though. I've got a lot on my plate at the moment so apologies for any confusion I'm causing.

@insight.pob will receive the rewards automatically as a beneficiary. The Hive-Engine will send it to him as 100% staked POB. Every time you create a post, you have the option of adding people as beneficiaries of that article's rewards. You can send it to them in liquid or staked currency. I will only ever choose to send rewards as stacked where POB is concerned.

I now get you
Pls teach me the process of sending the reward as 100% staked to @insight.pob with hive-engine
So when next I updated it, then I will that

Sure. Let me take some screen shots for you: Notice on the front end, when you're creating an article, there is something called "Advanced Settings" on the lower left hand side. Click on "Advanced Settings".


Once you click on "Advanced Settings", a window appears. Under "Who should receive any rewards" click on "ADD ACCOUNT". Enter the username and percentage you want granted. If you enter insight.pob and a percentage, you'll see your percentage drop and his rise. That's about it.


Oh thanks
I didn't know about this settings since I have used proofofbrain

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I liked to see what pob looks like after a year

Great index, thanks for you