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RE: [POB CONTEST - #01] Sell me a POB movie.

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There is only one movie worth to be mention, and this is Inception. We are dreaming, and there is lucid dreaming, which actual is an easy to obtain skill (basically you need 3-6 months of training). In lucid dreaming you can do whatever you like, you are a God creating your dream universe. Laws of physics do not apply, once you are aware you are dreaming, you can practically test all the superheroes powers, fireball is spectacular, but flying is the best freedom experience ever. And yes, i can lucid dream. This is also good if you have nightmares, once you realize is Your dream whatever nightmare is you can control it. Eternal endless falling? You can fly. Demons attacking you, make them dissapear with a gesture of your hand. You can make love in your dream, with whoever you want. You can treat phobias through controlled exposure. You can train in repetitive actions (piano, violin, martial arts etc). Posibilities are endless. So, while the movie is scifi, everything you see in there and even more can be attained via specific training.

How do you learn?

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Great movie recommendation, @heruvim1978. It's one of the best Christopher Nolan's works.

Thanks for your participation. If you want to participate in the second edition of the contest, the post is already published.